L'illuminazione stradale si è evoluta

April 2017
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  • In Ticino, Switzerland, a number of Cities is investing in smart lighting technologies to cut energy consumption and improve quality of service

Making Siracusa, Italy, a 'smart' City

March 2017
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  • Citelum and Paradox Engineering implemented a wireless network in Siracusa to support street lighting and other urban services

Industrial light and magic

February 2017
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  • In light of the Internet of Things spirit, the City of Gijon implemented a promising Smart Lighting solutions

Swiss utility to trial smart grid and smart city solutions

January 2017
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  • AEM and Paradox Engineering announce a strategic collaboration to develop innovative Smart Grid and Smart City technologies

Smart Lighting in the Internet of Things age

January 2017
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  • MinebeaMitsumi committed to an high efficiency LED Street Lighting project in Cambodia, entirely based on Paradox Engineering's wireless infrastructure

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