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Smart Grid and Smart City: Paradox Engineering to collaborate with AEM in Ticino, Switzerland

January 2017
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  • Azienda Elettrica di Massagno and Paradox Engineering will collaborate to the development of innovative technologies for managing power distribution networks and design new utility services.

    The agreement has been signed for three years and includes the field trial of new Smart Grid and Smart City solutions based on the Internet of Things, with the common goal of improving efficiency of existing infrastructures, promote sustainable growth and boost local economy. 

Facilitate behavioral change to save energy: the enCOMPASS project kicks-off

November 2016
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  • Paradox Engineering is partner of enCOMPASS, the project funded by the EU Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. Through enCOMPASS, we'll contribute to create a highly innovative ICT platform to facilitate a newer and more effective approach to energy saving, leveraging data generated from smart sensors to feed user-friendly digital tools, and provide energy recommendations by applying advanced consumer behavior models. In the next three years enCOMPASS will be piloted in Germany, Switzerland and Greece, considering residential buildings, schools and public administration offices.

SPEL and Paradox Engineering to collaborate for next-generation Smart Mobility and Smart City infrastructures

October 2016
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  • Czech engineering company SPEL Inc. and Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA are collaborating to design and implement next-generation solutions for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities, pooling respective competences and expertise in industrial and urban services automation.

    First achievement of this cooperation is the innovative Smart Parking project just completed in Kolin, Czech Republic, entirely based on Tinynode’s technology and SPEL's parking management systems.

Smart Cities: OSRAM, Paradox Engineering and Minebea to turn lighting infrastructures into Smart Urban Networks

June 2016
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  • Leading smart lighting specialist OSRAM chooses PE.AMI technology by Paradox Engineering to enhance its portfolio of LED luminaires for street and urban environments. OSRAM will equip Smart City lighting products with Paradox Engineering’s network technology to provide cities with the opportunity to turn their public lighting infrastructures into Smart Urban Networks to support and manage multiple urban services.

    Paradox Engineering, a member of Minebea Group, is sharing its Smart City vision with OSRAM to develop innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things, taking advantage of Minebea’s increasing role in the lighting market. 

EnergiMidt and Paradox Engineering sign partnership for innovative smart energy and urban networks in Denmark

January 2016
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  • Danish regional energy and fiber broadband provider EnergiMidt signed an agreement with Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA to develop innovative smart city networks and provide advanced services to the public sector and private business customers in Denmark. Acting as local representative for Paradox Engineering’s solutions in the Danish market, EnergiMidt will integrate PE.AMI in existing and future infrastructures, leveraging its system integration experience and know-how in the intelligent street lighting market.

    The two companies have already been collaborating on a pilot project for the community of Viborg, in the village of Almind, to be completed by the end of March 2016. About 50 light poles will be equipped with smart lamps and PE.AMI Lighting Management Nodes, thus connecting each light point to a wireless network and enabling remote monitoring and control. The same architecture supports the smart parking system to be deployed at the local community house, where about 40 car lots are being equipped with PE.AMI Parking Management Nodes to detect vehicle occupancy and provide drivers with real-time parking availability information. The intent of the community of Viborg is to test both smart lighting and smart parking solutions to evaluate possible extension of the same network to other smart urban services such as WiFi hot spots, solid waste management and smart metering.   

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