Why Paradox Engineering?

Are you wondering why considering working with Paradox Engineering?

We can give you at least 5 good reasons:

1. We’re in a business that makes sense.

By working with us, you would be helping cities around the world to improve the services they provide and their citizens life quality, and many other towns to become Smart Cities.

2. We think big and act global...

We put no boundaries to our ideas and to our markets. If you want to see and touch with hands what happens in the Middle East, or to understand how it works in Asia Pacific, you’ll have daily opportunities to do it at Paradox Engineering. If you want to experience how it’s like working with big industry players, with us you can – our vision is attracting several of them.

3. …in our everyday job.

This means, your work will really make a difference here. And your experience will really give you an edge over other professionals.

4. With us people can grow.

In a fluid organization like ours there’s always something new to learn. You will be in the first line, and make things happen – not looking at a mechanism going. And you will have the opportunity to take the maximum out of any experience you make here.

5. We never say ‘we can’t’.

We own our technologies, and we own 100% of their intellectual property; and at the same time, we always work with open standards. This means, always looking at the market, there will be almost no constraint forcing us – and you with us – to pursue or not to pursue a certain direction, solution, innovation or idea.

If you think these are good reasons to employ your talent with us, have a look at our open positions and apply for the one that fits.

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