Bespoke Internet of Things


PE IoT STONE is the integrated hardware and software radio module that is at the core of PE Smart Urban Network.

In line with Paradox Engineering’s Internet standards philosophy and future proof systems, PE IoT STONE offers a network technologies development kit to seamlessly connect any “object” to a smart network, allowing OEMs, developers and systems integrators to develop their own Smart Urban Network solutions, fastening innovation processes at a reduced cost.

The PE IoT STONE features our state of the art technologies, unique design competencies, proven expertise and market experience in radio design, network design and management and ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.

Key elements of PE IoT STONE are:

  • hardware and software development kitincluding:
    • Module (PE IoT STONE)
    • Dual Inline Module (PE IoT STONE DIM)
    • Development Board (PE IoT STONE DB)
    • Development Kit (PE IoT STONE DK)
    • Software (PE IoT STONE OS, PE IoT STONE DB SW, PE IoT STONE applications)
  • optional advanced R&D and design services to implement ad hoc Internet of Things ready vertical applications meeting any specific requirements
These services are available on demand for customers wanting to build their custom application on top of PE IoT STONE platform, although the platform can be operated in complete independence of any service by Paradox Engineering.

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