About Paradox Engineering

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering was born as a telecommunication company, serving the niche but very interesting market of industrial data transportation. We initially developed a one-stop-shop business model providing virtual networks to connect any customer industrial operation site and enable remote and condition monitoring programs. Then we pushed the concept further by designing and engineering pioneer technologies to implement unique interoperable and highly scalable network infrastructures for industrial and urban applications.

As a matter of fact, we came to offer an integrated portfolio of future proof solutions and services to unlock the value of data for smart industrial and urban networks in the Internet of Things (IoT) age. Unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and data collection at the heart of our smart excellence.

We are part of the Japanese Group MinebeaMitsumi, the world’s leading comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision components, electronic devices and components, which acquired full capital and assets of Paradox Engineering SA in July 2015. MinebeaMitsumi has a history and track record of technology excellence and, thanks to the synergy with Paradox Engineering, the Group is accelerating its success in the IoT and Smart markets, develop cutting edge technologies and transform MinebeaMitsumi’s products to be full IoT ready.

MinebeaMitsumi and Paradox Engineering are uniquely positioned to offer smart technology excellence for Smart Lighting, Smart Cities and any other smart environment.

We also offer greater value thanks to our global network of strategic partners: being a MinebeaMitsumi company, we can leverage the Group’s technological excellence and worldwide presence, at the same working with a consolidated network of highly skilled partners. Our solid ecosystem includes Tinynode, Swiss company specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems and smart parking technologies, and Syllogism Systems, innovative electronic design center located in the South of Italy.

Our Mission

Unlocking the value of your data, while being a highly dynamic company exploring markets and pioneering technologies.

Our Philosophy

Always adhere to open standards and ensure that our solutions and products guarantee interoperability and future-proof systems.

Our Values

Integrity: look back and be proud.

Team: we think “WE”.

Exploration: go beyond known frontiers with persistence, bravery, combativeness.

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