Other Smart Services

PE Smart Urban Network can potentially enable any other smart application to support today's and tomorrow's city needs.

Examples include - but are not limited to:

  • Public WiFi - thanks to its unique technology features, PE Smart Urban Network also enables public WiFi with no additional hardware, for cities to increase and improve connectivity services and daily city experience of people and visitors. Not only is public WiFi more and more considered a necessary resource by people; it makes the difference in the overall perception of the city experience, and can definitely play a key role in boosting local economy. Gone are the days when Internet was only used for work emails: travelers, be it for leisure or for work, now expect to browse for where to eat, buy, spend their free time.
  • Videosurveillance: collecting and routing data coming from IP cameras or CCTVs, PE Smart Urban Network can support traffic monitoring and public security services. Data flow in the same network that delivers smart lighting, smart parking, and other city services, enabling data correlation and blending, and therefore a smarter management of public security operations.


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