Our approach to Smart Cities

Winning the challenge of urban sustainability is not an easy task for Cities and utility companies.

They face growing people expectations in terms of quality of life and services, and deal with a complex ecosystem: regulatory constraints, budget issues, health and safety standards, and fragmented technology offer.

How can a city become smarter in managing its own infrastructure and resources? How can it lead the way to sustainable development in a far-sighted perspective?

By framing urban services in the IoT perspective with PE Smart Urban Network by Paradox Engineering, cities can move one step further and build a genuine smart communication infrastructure.

PE Smart Urban Network transforms the multitude of objects disseminated in our cities (light points, meters, parking lots, solid waste bins, etc.) into smart nodes of a wider network, supporting Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT to enable a number of applications, from public lighting to parking, from energy distribution to video surveillance, and many more.


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