Smart Parking

Integrating Tinynode SA' wireless vehicle detection technology(*), PE Smart Urban Network allows municipalities to remotely control parking lots and take advantage of a full range of parking-related data, ie. available car lots in a specific area, the duration of each parking and by when it will be free, etc.

Municipalities are able to offer citizens an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search. Air pollution and congestion, but also parking search related fuel consumption, will be reduced thanks to the decrease of drivers looking for an empty parking lot.

Smart parking solutions based on PE Smart Urban Network and Tinynode systems also represents an opportunity to foster local economy by creating interesting synergies: shops and businesses may leverage parking data to implement advanced customer services such as parking reservation or complementary coupons, thus positively affecting sales opportunities and revenues over time.


PE.AMI PM solution graphic 1


(*) Tinynode has been part of Paradox Engineering's ecosystem since May 2015 - read the press release to learn more.

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