Cambodia: MinebeaMitsumi awarded for its High-efficiency LED Streetlight Implementation Project

By 28 February 2017News

Cambodia’s Ministry of the Environment awarded MinebeaMitsumi for its High-efficiency LED Streetlight Implementation Project in Phnom Penh City area.

The award recognizes the significant contribution to reduced electric power use and increased efficiency, as well as to improved environmental sustainability. By switching to LED lighting with wireless dimming control, the MinebeaMitsumi solution realized a reduction of approx. 70% of Green House Gas emissions when compared with conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, providing the same level of brightness. The project is based on Paradox Engineering’s wireless network technology.

Beyond Smart Lighting, MinebeaMitsumi is endeavoring to construct a system capable of bulk monitoring of various urban lifestyle functions such as parking sensors, electricity meters, surveillance cameras, etc. MinebeaMitsumi will continue to forge ahead with developing in Cambodia the most advanced showcase Smart City in the world.

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