College students develop Smart Waste solution in San Leandro

By 7 September 2017News
San Leandro

Six college students spent their Summer in San Leandro, California, to join the scholarship program by Harvey Mudd College, City of San Leandro, OSIsoft and Paradox Engineering. Their goal was to develop a Smart Waste Monitoring solution for municipal street trashcans based on the newly installed PE Smart Urban Network platform, currently supporting Smart Lighting in town.

The Smart Waste Monitoring solution will feed data via sensors regarding trash fill levels for a network of San Leandro trashcans to the OSIsoft PI Software platform, providing waste management staff with intelligent, digital notifications and  recommended actions. The project is still in beta phase, but the students will continue to develop it under the guidance of a Harvey Mudd professor with the mission to pilot a solution and operate it.

More details are available here.

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