Traffic jams: how much do they cost?

By 23 October 2017Scenario

Analyzing UK’s major roads, connected car services and transportation analytics company Inrix revealed there were over 1.35 million traffic jams in the past year, costing drivers £9 billion (USD 11.9bn) of wasted time, fuel and unnecessary carbon emissions. Estimates were made based on assumptions about trip purpose and the fuel consumption of the average vehicle, with national averages used as a basis. The causes of the five worst queues ranged from fuel spills to broken down lorries.

In contemporary Cities, traffic congestion is mostly due to the lack of efficient and pervasive public transportation systems, the unfavourable scheduling of goods delivery services, and parking search. Independent studies confirm 30% of urban traffic could be reduced if improving itineraries of private vehicles seeking for a vacant parking lot.

Read more about Inrix study about traffic jams in UK.


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