Internet of Things in the 5G Era

By 9 November 2017Scenario

In the Internet of Things in the 5G Era: Enablers, Architecture, and Business Models paper, co-author Dr Mischa Dohler from King’s College London examines the growing demand for a 5G network and the challenges involved with implementing one.

New technologies need a long time to get off the ground. Typically, technology goes very slowly until reaching its inflection point, then it suddenly takes off like crazy. ”The Internet of Things is not yet there, but we’re getting closer”, Dohler explained.

For the IoT to become a reality, the existing patchwork of 3G and 4G that currently powers the internet needs a total overhaul. The connectivity demands of a world with multiple smart appliances in every home, and multiple smart services in every city, hoovering up masses of data and in constant communication with each other, require a 5G framework.

According to Dohler, the three characteristics that would distinguish this new network are the higher rate of data download, the lower delay, and the superior number of devices you can connect to a single base station.

Read Dohler’s interview on World Finance

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