Smart water meters to reduce water waste

By 7 May 2018Scenario

Water-stressed countries are shifting from traditional to smart water meters to enhance the effectiveness of distribution networks while educating citizens to responsibly manage individual consumption levels.

According to recent Frost & Sullivan report, global demand for IoT-enabled smart water metering infrastructures is rapidly growing due to the increased capabilities of real-time visualisation, leak detection, and M2M communication. Utilities are exploring and adopting low-power, wide-area network cellular communication technologies like long-range (LoRa) and narrowband IoT for meters’ superior efficiency and longer battery life.

China and North America are the fastest growing markets, and IoT is pushing for new utility business models leveraging cloud-based data analysis solutions, software-as-a-service/data-as-a-service, and blockchain. Smart water management solutions contribute to enhancing revenue generation, predicting consumption patterns, and improving billing efficiency.


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