Businesses can leverage smart technologies to create sustainable solutions for Cities, particularly in the field of waste management. This was one major takeaway from a panel discussion recently organized in Singapore, where waste has become a big, hot issue.

According to the Minister for the Environment, in 2017 only 6% of Singapore’s plastic and 16% of its food waste got recycled, and the City-state’s only landfill is rapidly filling up. Local stakeholders are now being invited to regard waste as a resource and shift towards a circular economy approach. This could contribute to solve the waste issue and have side benefits on pollution, resource management and climate change.

The increasing demand for smart technology solutions – including smart sensors, advanced tracking technology, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence – that facilitate circular business models present many opportunities for local talents and businesses wanting to build pilot projects in these areas.

That’s exactly what we experienced in San Leandro, US: a team of college students developed a Smart Waste Monitoring solution for municipal street trashcans based on our PE Smart Urban Network platform, already supporting Smart Lighting in town. The project is being finalized with the mission to pilot a solution and operate it. Read more about this.