Will 5G cover Wi-Fi up?

By 10 July 2018Scenario

Welcomed as the revolution of telecommunications, 5G will make billions of new connections among people and things possible, and make those connections secure and instantaneous. It will impact every industry – from manufacturing to cities, from automotive to healthcare, up to emergency services.

As telco operators are warming up to commercialize multi-gigabit, low latency 5G services, some experts predict the rise of 5G will sentence Wi-Fi to death. However, the two technologies will probably coexist, as they are complementary in serving different needs and use cases.

According to Intel, Wi-Fi has a huge penetration indoors, so it will still be preferred in offices, homes, coffee shops, hotels and airport lounges, for example. 5G is going to open up more opportunities for Wi-Fi, because 5G capacity and latency requirements suit the Wi-Fi technology. Industry association Wi-Fi Alliance stated existing Wi-Fi technologies including WiGig and Wi-Fi Certified ac are already positioned to bring multi-gigabit speeds and high-performance connectivity to enable a range of 5G opportunities.

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