New York City street light Wi-Fi: is it feasible?

By 25 July 2018Scenario

New York City needs more Wi-Fi: the idea is to equip some 250,000 streetlights across all five boroughs with Wi-Fi, expanding the availability of affordable Internet access.

Swapping out old street lights for more energy-efficient LED-based units that include Wi-Fi APs is a fairly well-know concept, but the technical complexity at the scale of a urban conglomerate like NYC is quite high. Having every streetlight as a Wi-Fi hotspot may not be the most cost-effective option in terms of infrastructure and operation cost (4G modem and connectivity) when it comes to providing public Wi-Fi.

PE Smart Urban Network for intelligent outdoor lighting solutions enables pervasive Wi-Fi and other Wireless Highspeed IoT applications:  our technology allows to implement a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi mesh network that provides extended area coverage. It is the most cost-effective way to provide Wi-Fi connectivity on the public space

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