Easier parking search in less congested Cities

By 27 August 2018News
Tinynode's vehicle detection systems

Don’t underestimate the importance of car parking when designing new initiatives to improve the livability of your City.

According to the British Parking Association, UK drivers spend an average of 5.9 minutes looking for a parking space, with 44% of those polled calling the endeavour a ‘stressful experience’. Nearly half of people (48%) are frustrated by the lack of spaces in their home area, and 59% are angry with bad drivers taking up multiple spaces with a single vehicle.

In Coventry, local Council found that paid parking bays in the City were vacant 33% of the time between 8am to 6pm, amounting to £475,000 annual lost revenue.

Smart Parking systems are therefore more and more considered to help Cities improve and manage parking provision. Fitting the needs of off-street and on-street car parking, indoor and outdoor facilities, multi-storey parks, time-limited parking lots, electric vehicles reserved areas and charging stations, our Tinynode solutions offer an innovative and cost-effective way to allow an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search.

Tinynode’s wireless vehicle detections systems can be easily integrated with parking guidance systems (digital panels, mobile apps, etc.) to offer drivers additional services, including remote booking and payment options. Parking managers can better monitor and control existing parking lots, reducing maintenance costs and taking advantage of a full range of parking-related data.

By increasing average usage rates of parking facilities and decreasing idle driving, urban traffic can be reduced up to 30%, as some successsful experiences around the world demonstrate.

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