Smart Parking: what about a foldable car?

By 12 September 2018Scenario

Traffic in Tel Aviv is particularly heavy, and in peak hours you may double or triple your driving time to find a free parking lot. Fed up with this poor experience, in 2014 two Israeli entrepreneurs founded a start up named City Transformer and designed an ultra-light electrical vehicle capable of folding its chassis.

At a push of a button, the foldable car comes from conventional passenger car dimensions to a width of just 1 meter, saving up to 75% of standard parking space. This means it could be accomodated in designated motorbikes parking lots. The vehicle is scheduled to hit the market at the end of 2019, but preorders are already possible. The company is planning to pilot it in Tel Aviv next year, then offer it as a car-sharing service in the City while extending coverage in other Cities.

Will foldable cars be the killer application to reduce urban congestion? Looking forward to finding the solution, Cities are more and more considering Smart Parking technologies to offer citizens and visitors an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search. With less cars driving around to find a parking lot, traffic congestion will be reduced up to 30%, and air pollution will decrease accordingly.

Tinynode‘s wireless vehicle detection systems allow City managers to implement reliable and effective Smart Parking solutions, contributing to a smarter, safer, 
easier and more comfortable urban mobility.

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