Smart technology for a Circular City

By 24 September 2018Scenario

The traditional, linear consumption model has come to its limit. At current global urbanization rate, our Cities cannot stand the take-make-dispose pattern we are used to, since usage of natural resources, waste generation and carbon footprint are no longer sustainable. The future is about Circular City: inspired by circular economy, it deals with a regenerative by design urban model.

What’s in? A wiser, more efficient use of energy and water, a far-sighted management of waste, a decisive preference for reuse and recycling. According to the European Parliament, transition to the Circular City model could save EU companies €600 billion while also reducing total annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2-4% and recycling 65% of municipal waste by 2035.

Smart technologies are the first, essential step to build a Circular City. With natively interoperable solutions – such as PE Smart Urban Network – City managers can finally move away from siloed, non-integrated choices imposing the management of urban services one by one. Having a unique, performing and reliable network supporting both Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT over the same infrastructure is the best option to frame a Circular City, granting sustainability in the long run.

Learn more about the Circular City with the infographic by @SmartCityexpo @Circularesummit

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