Electric vehicles? Beware charging stations

By 30 October 2018Scenario
electric vehicles

Rapidly falling battery costs – representing about one third of the costs of electric vehicles – and growing environmental concerns are expected to accelerate the development of the EV market on a global scale.

ITS International reports some interesting data about Germany (find more here), where there are currently 100,000 electric vehicles and less than 4,800 operating public charging stations. According to the Technical University of Munich, about 8 million EVs could be on the road in Germany alone by 2030, requesting at least 4.5 charging stations. Similar growth rates are being predicted around the world, with a possible multiplying effect if considering electric bikes, commercial vehicles and public transport along with private cars.

As a large part of drivers does not own a garage, public charging stations will be more and more needed, with the consequent demand for monitoring and control systems. How to prevent abuses and the unauthorized use of parking lots dedicated to electric vehicles recharge? How to improve EV drivers experience, encouraging e-mobility?

About 120 Tinynode car detection sensors were integrated in electric vehicles charging points throughout the French Eure-et-Loir department. Devices were coupled with G2Mobility systems, pairing vehicle occupancy data with power drainage from charging stations to ensure a reliable and effective monitoring of EV charging stations usage. Results are very positive, and recent surveys confirm a high user satisfaction.

A similar project was completed in Oslo, Norway, where ITS and traffic solutions provider Swarco is acting as system integrator on Akershus Parking facilities. Swarco was entrusted to provide EV charging stations to 90 parking lots, and worked with Tinynode to equip each of them with car detection sensorsincreasing their usage and at the same time reducing unauthorized parking.

Read more about these smart projects here.

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