Some insights from MWC19

By 26 February 2019Scenario

At Mobile World Congress (MWC19), the largest mobile event in the world running this week in Barcelona, tech leaders bring together the latest innovations and leading-edge communication solutions. 5G is among the key topics this year, with its increased network speed and capacity unleashing new industrial and urban applications.

According to a global study from Accenture, about 60% of corporate executives believe that 5G will cover nearly all the world population by 2022, and 70% think that 5G services will give them a competitive edge with customers. While the disruptive potential of this technology is well understood in some industries such as energy and utilities (53% of executives in the energy sector expect 5G will have a revolutionary impact on their business by connecting remote and inhospitable areas), more than a half of interviewees state there are “very few” things that 5G will enable them to do that they cannot already do with 4G.

When imagining possible urban cases, City managers do not limit to 5G, but look for immediate, ready-to-use solutions to enhance current public services, and enable the ones that might become necessary in the future. One of their challenges is how to integrate existing communication infrastructures, and how to interchange data generated by different field devices such as streetlights, parking lots, waste bins, energy meters, and more.

At MWC19, the uCIFI Alliance is introducing a new data model that will provide full interoperability between any IoT device and network, starting with LoRaWAN, NB-IoT or wireless mesh. Cities can finally be independent from technology vendors, and avoid spending money and resources for integration services or vendor-specific gateways. The uCIFI data model will enable smart devices to interoperate with each other, supporting a number of Smart City use cases. Being members of the uCIFI Alliance, Paradox Engineering and MinebeaMitsumi Group will access and support the data model right away.

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