Netherlands and Norway leading the e-mobility way

By 13 March 2019Scenario

The world is approaching the so called ‘Peak Car’, the tipping point when private vehicles (the killer transportation app of the 20th century) finally begin to decline. And for many of the 1.3 billion cars currently on global roads, the transition towards electric or hybrid engines has already started.

Price comparison website GoCompare examined e-mobility adoption in 30 International Energy Agency member countries. Despite China and the US are accounting for the highest number of new e-vehicles, the Netherlands and Norway seem to be leading the way.

The analysis correlated variables such as publicly accessible charging points vs. petrol stations, national electric car stocks, as well as publicly accessible normal power and fast power charging points. The study finds there are more electric cars and charging points in China and the US than in any other country, but Norway has more electric cars per capita, with Iceland second and the Netherlands third.

There’s one electric car to every 30 Norwegians, and only one to every 141,978 Mexicans. Australia ranks the worst for the number of charging points per 100km of road network, while as many as 23.25 charging points every 100km can be found in the best-performing Netherlands and 11.03 in Norway.


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