IoT for enhanced public safety

By 16 April 2019Scenario
public safety

With Internet of Things (IoT) devices rapidly spreading in our Cities, smart urban applications are flourishing – specifically for public safety.

In the United States, some local police departments, such as those in Charleston, SC or Berkeley, CA are leveraging the rise of smart home security systems to improve surveillance and crime prevention. Thanks to security camera registration programs, home and business owners are invited to enroll their exterior-facing devices with local police departments, allowing law enforcement officials to quickly locate potential crime footage. The process is entirely voluntary, but it offers public safety officials an efficient and accurate access to contextual information about possible abuses and emergencies.

Moreover, by connecting video surveillance cameras to existing or new urban networks, it becomes possible for City managers to launch effective traffic control services, and even smart dynamic lighting programs (think of configuring street lights to mirror traffic intensity, using an IP camera to count passing vehicles and setting pre-defined dimming levels upon given thresholds).

What’s behind such applications? A robust, reliable urban infrastructure, and an interoperable network platform to design and manage City services in a truly integrated perspective.

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