For the tech industry, every New Year starts in Las Vegas with CES, the annual show that sets the scene for the tech trends to watch. As technology has become fully embedded in our lives, CES has gained global visibility by showcasing all the latest and most curious in consumer devices from TVs to smart home gadgets, from smartphones to PCs, from wearables to self-driving systems, and more.

But the event also provides insights around transformative technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, showing how they can be combined to design new solutions to challenging world’s problems including urbanization, climate change, the increasing demand on medical services due to aging population. Health and wellness is for instance a fast growing industry, and an increasingly popular topic at CES, where future looking technologies and smart wearable devices are presented to help us stay fit, fight or manage illnesses, but also to leverage artificial intelligence in diagnosis, robotics and augmented reality in surgery, 3d printing in prosthetics.

As for Smart Cities, at CES 2020 Toyota has just announced its plans to build an intelligent urban conglomerate called Woven City that will sit at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. It will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and test autonomy, robotics and artificial intelligence technology. The company will populate Woven City with 2,000 people including employees and their families, retirees, retailers, industry partners and scientists, breaking ground in early 2021.

The Las Vegas show is also attractive for tech professionals dealing with the mobility industry. Visitors can expect to see the latest concept cars, live self-driving demonstrations, and data-driven software and services for connected vehicles. And hopefully some of these technologies will turn into actionable solutions to help daily commuters, ease traffic congestion, and improve air quality.