- Hardware design

Our hardware engineering team works as a trusted design center for customers and partners looking for innovative devices and components to be seamlessly integrated in their own systems, or to create brand new products for a variety of industry applications.

Among our latest projects, we have been asked to design a bearing wear sensor to remotely monitor, through an RFID passive system, the status and operational life of rotor blade pitch control units on civil and military helicopters. By integrating a miniaturized RFID antenna working on UHF band, we are providing a reliable, cost-effective solution that contributes to safe operations and fleet readiness.

Paradox Engineering’s technology is enabling condition-based maintenance thanks to the possibility to detect bearings passing their standard service life or any alteration (ie. misalignment, abnormal oscillation, or inadequate lubrication) without manual inspection – thus saving time and effort, preventing poor bearing utilization, and maximize effectiveness and safety.

We have also been entrusted to design a long-range VHF/UHF transceiver module for high performance OEM devices for defense applications. Operating in the 140 – 450 MHz frequency range, our module can manage packet data transmission with TX duty cycles up to 50% and speeds up to 500 kbit/s (2GFSK) or 1 Mbit/s (4GFSK).

Since energy saving is an essential feature to ensure superior battery life, we have engineered an ultra low power component that can keep power consumption to a minimum also when in the RX mode. The printed circuit board (PCB) is mounted into an aluminum case to grant optimal heat sinking, resistance to vibration and shock.