- Software & Cloud Computing

Our multi-skilled team integrates proven software engineering capabilities to design, deploy, and manage excellent software solutions for intelligent IoT networks, available both on-premise or in the cloud.

Smart CMS is our flagship open management platform for secure IoT infrastructures, supporting from a few up to over 200 thousand connected objectsFirst conceived for Smart Cities, it allows to monitor and control streetlightsparking lots and any other urban service through intuitive web applications and a user-friendly interface.

The software architecture has been extended over time to support multi-sensor intelligent care environments for non-invasive, long-term continuous monitoring of care recipients’ health conditions, and it is now ready to enable any other IoT network in different industries.

Our Smart CMS offers outstanding extensibility and interoperability thanks to the standard-based data model and the possibility to easily add new applications, device types and attributes. The multitenancy architecture allows to host multiple Customers on a single cloud-based server, providing adequate data segregation and load balancing.

The solution also grants unparalleled scalability and modularity through the microservices-based backend architecture, APIs covering 100% of feature set and the enhanced frontend. Customers will appreciate its superior performance, as system response time is fully independent from network size, as well as the improved data and application protection, integrating blockchain technology for over the edge cybersecurity.

The Software Development Kit allows authorized software developers to independently add features and applications to Smart CMS, accelerating their go-to-market plans by building on existing software components, as well as the open data model.