resilient leadershipScenario
20 October 2020

Leverage data to ensure resilient leadership

Data and smart infrastructures pave the way of truly resilient urban communities
tunnel inspectionNews
13 October 2020

Tunnel inspection: Kyoto University and MinebeaMitsumi to test an innovative technology

A wireless power transmission system will be used to collect sensing data in real time without imposing any traffic restriction
Smart CitiesScenario
6 October 2020

Let data be at the center of Smart Cities

Data has become the most prized asset for Cities, driving infrastructure like telecoms, power, water, transportation and digital public services
1 October 2020

Mobilize private investments for climate-smart Cities

Cities are learning how to attract private capital to finance climate-smart infrastructures
responsible AIScenario
25 September 2020

Governments to accelerate responsible AI

To fully leverage the AI promise, issues such as accuracy, human control, transparency, bias and privacy have to be addressed
16 September 2020

Open Cities: why interoperability and 6LoWPAN matter

Download our new white paper to learn more about interoperable technologies and open data models for cities
smart buildingsScenario
10 September 2020

Smart buildings for smarter schools

Schools have started their digital journey, and that's not about remote learning or virtual classes only
urban densityScenario
2 September 2020

Looking at urban density from a different perspective

Most of us look at highly populated Cities in worry, but a smart urban planning and management can turn density into an opportunity
AI predictive capabilitiesScenario
26 August 2020

AI predictive capabilities move forward

Data analysis is evolving from forecasting to truly accurate, predictive models
autonomous vehiclesScenario
4 August 2020

Autonomous vehicles in future Cities

MinebeaMitsumi Group is developing a multitude of solutions for autonomous driving
28 July 2020

Are e-scooters the killer application for urban mobility?

E-scooters appeal to City governments in the Covid-19 recovery
energy efficiencyScenario
23 July 2020

Digitalization and energy efficiency

Smart technologies both increase end-use efficiency and the efficiency of the entire energy system
water monitoringScenario
16 July 2020

Smart water monitoring to safeguard public health and lake attractiveness

IoT sensor networks enable real-time water monitoring in lakefront areas
wireless densificationScenario
8 July 2020

5G wireless densification in Smart Cities

Smart streetlight poles can be leveraged as the backbone of 5G networks
digital divideScenario
1 July 2020

Digital divide still worrisome in Smart Cities

It’s hard to imagine any smart city without smart citizens
flexible fundingScenario
26 June 2020

Shape Smart Cities growth with scalable and flexible funding

Efficiency as a Service is emerging as an evolution of public-private partnership models
advantages from day 1Scenario
18 June 2020

Advantages from Day 1 with Smart Lighting

The smarter management of streetlights continues to represent an excellent opportunity for local governments
waste managementScenario
9 June 2020

The challenge of waste management

Covid-19 has put the resilience of our Cities to the test, including essential services such as waste management
28 May 2020

Smart, pandemic-resilient Cities

Covid-19 has forced local governments to quickly shift the way they use data and technology
Covid-19 contact tracingScenario
20 May 2020

Standards matter, even in Covid-19 contact tracing

Openness and interoperability are key success factors for pandemic digital tracking and contact tracing
connected healthcareScenario
12 May 2020

Connected healthcare in pandemic times

Connected healthcare systems are being used for remote Covid-19 patient monitoring, but there are plenty of possible applications to improve quality of life
5 May 2020

Smart IoT agriculture makes inroads

The IoT is being implemented far beyond Cities, with an increasing number of innovative agricultural applications in developing countries
24 April 2020

Can AI predict the next epidemic?

The availability of large, accurate datasets is the starting point for AI to mitigate the fallout from Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for the next one
urban mobilityScenario
16 April 2020

Urban mobility urges data sharing and more collaboration

In the post-pandemic world, Cities will be called to a smarter use of data to efficiently conduct urban mobility planning and management
N95 protective masksPress Releases
7 April 2020

MinebeaMitsumi donates 17,000 protective masks across Europe to fight Covid-19

17 European companies within MinebeaMitsumi Group give N95 protective masks to hospitals and care facilities
smart technologiesScenario
31 March 2020

When smart technologies combat Covid-19 and contribute to urban resilience

Cities are particularly vulnerable in this pandemic. Smart technologies are being used to support the Covid-19 response and enhance urban resilience
24 March 2020

Time for a planetary, circular health

The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to think over more sustainable approaches to urban development
Covid-19 ChinaScenario
11 March 2020

Covid-19: some preliminary insights on the impact in China

China is starting to react to mitigate the economic and societal impacts of Covid-19. Smart technologies and big data will help
blockchain cybersecurityNews
4 March 2020

More open = less secure?

Open infrastructures can be as secure as traditional, legacy technologies
25 February 2020

Piloting blockchain for Smart Utilities

AEM is exploring blockchain technology to maximise data protection over its network
data mobilityScenario
11 February 2020

Data is the new fuel for mobility

A City can't be truly smart if it doesn't provide efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly mobility systems
air qualityScenario
4 February 2020

Air quality and environmental sensing to improve quality of life in Smart Cities

As natural and human factors worsen City pollution, real-time, localised and accurate environmental information is needed
28 January 2020

Emotional AI is coming to town

This emerging technology might be used in Smart Cities to prevent crime and improve security
21 January 2020

Davos 2020: it’s time to unlock technology to tackle Global Goals

As we enter the 2020s, we stand at a critical juncture to put technologies to work in a more responsible way
15 January 2020

Looking at Smart Cities from an Augmented Reality perspective

Our refreshed AR Smart City mobile app is now available for iOS and Android devices
7 January 2020

Tech trends to watch, some insights from CES 2020

From consumer tech to Smart Cities, there are interesting news around 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain
17 December 2019

Parking marketplaces get underway

The future of parking will be gateless, ticketless, and cashless, relying on device-generated, blockchain-powered data
12 December 2019

Smart Cities: why blockchain is changing the game

Blockchain allows Cities to grant the utmost cybersecurity and turn cost saving into revenue generation, boosting new economies
Press Releases
29 November 2019

Save energy with a limited individual effort

The enCOMPASS project comes to a successful ending
connected vehiclesScenario
27 November 2019

Smart transportation: it’s time for connected vehicles and open data models

There is an increasing demand for smart solutions to decongest urban mobility. Connected vehicles and open data platforms can accelerate the development of new applications by grouping innovative ecosystems
Press Releases
5 November 2019

Ultimate cybersecurity and new revenue streams: blockchain changes the game

New PE Smart Urban Network features and components to be launched at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019
Smart City Expo World CongressNews
31 October 2019

Join us at Smart City Expo World Congress!

Barcelona is the perfect stage to introduce some great enhancements to our PE Smart Urban Network platform
23 October 2019

Hyperautomation, blockchain and AI security to drive technology evolution

Gartner investigates the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020
17 October 2019

Accelerating the EV roadmap

Electrification in Europe is progressing at a high speed, but rolling out the EV infrastructure might be more complex than expected
9 October 2019

When Cities are easy places to start a business

Smart investments can boost local economy by engaging innovative entrepreneurs and startups
urban innovationScenario
3 October 2019

Who will pay for smart urban innovation?

The challenge of paying for smart projects should not prevent Cities from innovating
24 September 2019

Openness and interoperability: download our report

Learn how openness represents the next key phase for Smart Cities, and how to achieve it
19 September 2019

Traffic congestion: Americans suffer annual costs for $166 billion

Traffic congestion worsens quality of life, and burdens local economy. Smart Parking can be a simple, but effective measure
9 September 2019

Tokyo ranks first among world’s safest Cities

In a more and more interconnected world, urban security and resilience are a priority for City governments
3 September 2019

Multi-purpose solutions to break down urban silos

Interoperability enables Cities to streamline services and face budgetary restrictions
27 August 2019

Smart Cities lagging in cybersecurity investments

Local governments and urban services are vulnerable to cybercrime. Blockchain stands out as a performing and cost-effective solution to provide full device and data security, data integrity and validity
open roadNews
7 August 2019

The open road towards full interoperability

Why openness and interoperability are such important to Smart Cities? Join us on September 25th to learn more, webinar registration is now open
technological neutralityScenario
30 July 2019

Technological neutrality to accelerate IoT developments

Interoperability can encourage IoT projects and generate the utmost value for people, Cities and businesses
local energy communitiesScenario
23 July 2019

EU reinforces the role of local energy communities

A decentralised and somehow democratised energy system is getting a foothold in Europe thanks to accessible photovoltaic and solar installations, smart technologies and the blockchain
innovative procurementScenario
9 July 2019

Smart Cities, innovative procurement

In their effort to build resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities, City leaders are increasingly looking at innovative procurement
2 July 2019

Blockchain for Smart Cities booming in Asia

Blockchain is being extensively piloted to improve a number of public services relying on accurate, secure, authentic and trustworthy transactions and information exchanges
Smart City Expo World CongressNews
27 June 2019

Cities are made of dreams

At Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, experience a unique immersion into present and future Open Cities. Save the date!
5G technologyScenario
20 June 2019

The potential of 5G technology: some quick facts

In 2024, 5G technology will cover up to 65% of world population, and 5G networks will carry 35% of global mobile data traffic
pedestrian safetyScenario
13 June 2019

Boost pedestrian safety with smart technologies

New systems change the way pedestrians cross the street and reduce crashes at intersections
5 June 2019

Smart technologies for Energy-as-a-service strategies

Energy utilities are leveraging data and smart technologies to position themselves as trusted energy advisors for commercial users and households
traffic mitigrationScenario
28 May 2019

Cities to accelerate on smart traffic mitigation solutions

Technology-driven traffic mitigation solutions will contribute to ease chronic congestion in Cities and reduce the emissions footprint
waste managementScenario
22 May 2019

EU reports progress towards circular economy

EU Commission urges countries to leverage smart technologies for better waste management
14 May 2019

Smart, age-friendly Cities

As world population gets older, many Cities are discussing how to leverage smart technologies to become age-friendly
7 May 2019

Urban micromobility: from bikes to scooters

Cities seek sustainable micromobility systems, and continue to leverage Smart Parking as an effective contribution to traffic mitigation
sports businessScenario
30 April 2019

Can the IoT transform the sports business?

Smart technologies are having a huge impact on the sports business
Smart EnergyScenario
24 April 2019

Smart Energy: utilities bring «time of use» tariffs forward

As energy generation and distribution get smarter, time of use tariffs spread globally
public safetyScenario
16 April 2019

IoT for enhanced public safety

Smart IoT-based urban applications for public safety are flourishing
digital twinsScenario
11 April 2019

Merging tokenization, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

New scientific report explores the “digital twins” concept, which refer to a digital replica of the physical world
smart strategyScenario
2 April 2019

A good strategy and strong implementation build a Smart City

New index by Roland Berger ranks Vienna first among Cities with the most comprensive smart strategy, and the strongest implementation capabilities
air pollutionScenario
28 March 2019

Artificial Intelligence for cleaner air in Smart Cities

AI can improve urban sustainability and quality of life. In Singapore, a team of researchers investigated the possibility to leverage AI for better, greener policy-making
18 March 2019

Smart Lighting, a new method to predict energy saving

Researchers from the University of Seville developed a new method for quantifying environmental and financial benefits
13 March 2019

Netherlands and Norway leading the e-mobility way

The two countries have the best infrastructure to encourage e-drivers
5 March 2019

Save energy, and have fun

Energy-efficient behaviours in households can be encouraged by combining smart technologies with gamification techniques
26 February 2019

Some insights from MWC19

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 5G and open data models are among key topics for industry leaders and City managers
industry 4.0Scenario
19 February 2019

Assessing the Industry 4.0 maturity

New index helps industrial companies to measure their current state of digitalisation, and identify gaps to be bridged
Smart Parking valetScenario
12 February 2019

Smart Parking: more cloud solutions, more valet services

Cities are moving away from the manual management of parking facilities, and leverage IoT and cloud-based solutions to improve drivers experience and unburden traffic congestion
PE Smart Urban Network NeptunePress Releases
30 January 2019

Smarter data and service management for truly Open Cities

New Neptune generation of our PE Smart Urban Network enables Open Cities by providing greater flexibility and interoperability
Smart City Open CityScenario
23 January 2019

Interoperability: from Smart to Open Cities

Interoperability is the best option to improve City services and achieve concrete, measurable results, while investing for a open, sustainable future
Southamption; freight delivery; air qualityScenario
9 January 2019

Data-based models to improve urban freight deliveries and air quality

In Southampton, UK, collecting data about freight deliveries enables smarter decisions to make the City cleaner, safer, and more attractive
smart dynamic street lightingNews
18 December 2018

Smart, dynamic street lighting

Download our paper and watch our video to learn how PE Smart Urban Network changes the Smart Lighting game
4 December 2018

It’s time for smarter homes

There are about 1.5 million smart and sustainable homes globally. Contributing to the enCOMPASS project, we are actively developing innovative smart home devices to facilitate a more effective approach to energy saving
29 November 2018

Bypass the congestion burden

Drivers in Los Angeles spend on average 102 hours a year struck in traffic. Smart Parking solutions contribute to relieve congestion and improve quality of life
e-GIC BenalmadenaNews
20 November 2018

Protecting citizens’ digital rights

Privacy and data protection is a hot topic for most Smart Cities, and it will be widely discussed at e-GIC 2018 conference in Benalmadena, Spain
13 November 2018

Live from #SCEWC2018

Join Tridonic and Paradox Engineering at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona - and find out what 'smart' means for your City
electric vehiclesScenario
30 October 2018

Electric vehicles? Beware charging stations

As electric vehicles are more and more widespread, public charging stations are increasingly needed, with the consequent demand for monitoring and control systems
open uCIFIPress Releases
24 October 2018

Committed to open communication networks: we’re joining the uCIFI Alliance

We will contribute to the development of truly open, multi-supplier, interoperable, multi-transport wireless communication solutions for Smart Cities and utilities
PE Smart Urban NetworkScenario
16 October 2018

Open IoT systems for Smart Cities

Designing an interoperable system is not such easy, but PE Smart Urban Network stands out as the most open IoT platform for urban applications
Smart LightingScenario
11 October 2018

Smarter lighting for connected cities

Ever thought street lighting might become the backbone of your smart, connected City? With PE Smart Urban Network, City managers can finally move away from multiple, non-integrated networks managing public services…
self-driving vehiclesScenario
4 October 2018

A smart, self-driving vehicle is knocking at your door

Autonomous vehicles for home deliveries are being tested in California, Arizona and other US states. A pervasive, multiapplication wireless infrastructure can enable such innovative urban services, and more
2 October 2018

Looking at the future of manufacturing

In the Industry 4.0 age, data need to be considered as a factor of production such as raw material, capital, labour, and energy
24 September 2018

Smart technology for a Circular City

The traditional, linear consumption model has come to its limit. Thanks to smart technologies, the future is about Circular Cities
waste collectionScenario
17 September 2018

Dynamic waste collection with the IoT

Marine litter is a real hot topic, but we shouldn't forget that solid waste is a priority for most City managers too
12 September 2018

Smart Parking: what about a foldable car?

While a foldable car saving up to 75% of standard parking space is being engineered in Israel, Smart Parking technologies offer an immediate, effective solution to urban congestion
6 September 2018

Smart technologies boost City reputation

Tokyo, Sydney and Copenhagen are the most reputable Cities in the world
4 September 2018

Industrial IoT and supply chain

The Industrial Internet of Things is expected to improve transparency within the global supply chain
30 August 2018

Making progress with the Internet of Things

Global IoT market is expected to grow to $520 billion in 2021. Pioneer IoT leaders are appreciating measurable results from their projects
Tinynode's vehicle detection systemsNews
27 August 2018

Easier parking search in less congested Cities

Don't underestimate the importance of mobility for the livability of your City. Our Tinynode solutions offer an innovative and cost-effective way to allow an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search
PE Smart Urban NetworkNews
2 August 2018

Device-to-Device and Device-To-Cloud, the future of the IoT Smart City

Is device-to-cloud enough to address the Smart City needs? Absolutely not. PE Smart Urban Network covers both device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication to enable multiple City services
1 August 2018

Blockchain: the next opportunity for better, safer, smarter Cities

Blockchain technology can make Cities far more secure, transparent, efficient and resilient. Our President and CEO writes about this
25 July 2018

New York City street light Wi-Fi: is it feasible?

Having every streetlight as a Wi-Fi hotspot may be difficult. PE Smart Urban Network enables both intelligent outdoor lighting solutions and pervasive Wi-Fi applications