4 December 2018News

It’s time for smarter homes

There are about 1.5 million smart and sustainable homes globally. Contributing to the enCOMPASS project, we are actively developing innovative smart home devices to facilitate a more effective approach to energy saving

congestion 29 November 2018Scenario

Bypass the congestion burden

Drivers in Los Angeles spend on average 102 hours a year struck in traffic. Smart Parking solutions contribute to relieve congestion and improve quality of life

e-GIC Benalmadena 20 November 2018News

Protecting citizens’ digital rights

Privacy and data protection is a hot topic for most Smart Cities, and it will be widely discussed at e-GIC 2018 conference in Benalmadena, Spain

#SCEWC2018 13 November 2018News

Live from #SCEWC2018

Join Tridonic and Paradox Engineering at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona – and find out what ‘smart’ means for your City

electric vehicles 30 October 2018Scenario

Electric vehicles? Beware charging stations

As electric vehicles are more and more widespread, public charging stations are increasingly needed, with the consequent demand for monitoring and control systems

open uCIFI 24 October 2018Press Releases

Committed to open communication networks: we’re joining the uCIFI Alliance

We will contribute to the development of truly open, multi-supplier, interoperable, multi-transport wireless communication solutions for Smart Cities and utilities

PE Smart Urban Network 16 October 2018Scenario

Open IoT systems for Smart Cities

Designing an interoperable system is not such easy, but PE Smart Urban Network stands out as the most open IoT platform for urban applications

Smart Lighting 11 October 2018Scenario

Smarter lighting for connected cities

Ever thought street lighting might become the backbone of your smart, connected City? With PE Smart Urban Network, City managers can finally move away from multiple, non-integrated networks managing public services one by one

self-driving vehicles 4 October 2018Scenario

A smart, self-driving vehicle is knocking at your door

Autonomous vehicles for home deliveries are being tested in California, Arizona and other US states. A pervasive, multiapplication wireless infrastructure can enable such innovative urban services, and more

Manufacturing 2 October 2018Scenario

Looking at the future of manufacturing

In the Industry 4.0 age, data need to be considered as a factor of production such as raw material, capital, labour, and energy

24 September 2018Scenario

Smart technology for a Circular City

The traditional, linear consumption model has come to its limit. Thanks to smart technologies, the future is about Circular Cities

waste collection 17 September 2018Scenario

Dynamic waste collection with the IoT

Marine litter is a real hot topic, but we shouldn’t forget that solid waste is a priority for most City managers too

12 September 2018Scenario

Smart Parking: what about a foldable car?

While a foldable car saving up to 75% of standard parking space is being engineered in Israel, Smart Parking technologies offer an immediate, effective solution to urban congestion

6 September 2018Scenario

Smart technologies boost City reputation

Tokyo, Sydney and Copenhagen are the most reputable Cities in the world

4 September 2018Scenario

Industrial IoT and supply chain

The Industrial Internet of Things is expected to improve transparency within the global supply chain

IoT 30 August 2018Scenario

Making progress with the Internet of Things

Global IoT market is expected to grow to $520 billion in 2021. Pioneer IoT leaders are appreciating measurable results from their projects

Tinynode's vehicle detection systems 27 August 2018News

Easier parking search in less congested Cities

Don’t underestimate the importance of mobility for the livability of your City. Our Tinynode solutions offer an innovative and cost-effective way to allow an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search

PE Smart Urban Network 2 August 2018News

Device-to-Device and Device-To-Cloud, the future of the IoT Smart City

Is device-to-cloud enough to address the Smart City needs? Absolutely not. PE Smart Urban Network covers both device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication to enable multiple City services

1 August 2018Articles

Blockchain: the next opportunity for better, safer, smarter Cities

Blockchain technology can make Cities far more secure, transparent, efficient and resilient. Our President and CEO writes about this

25 July 2018Scenario

New York City street light Wi-Fi: is it feasible?

Having every streetlight as a Wi-Fi hotspot may be difficult. PE Smart Urban Network enables both intelligent outdoor lighting solutions and pervasive Wi-Fi applications

20 July 2018Scenario

A smarter energy management to support low-income customers

Smart technologies can support utilities in better addressing the needs of low-income consumers

17 July 2018Scenario

Smart Cities and the digital divide

The availability of a reliable broadband network is the prerequisite for the realization of a truly smart vision

12 July 2018News

Smart City: an interoperable wireless mesh network or vertical silo apps ?

Supporting several Smart City applications on a single wireless infrastructure is not that simple. But our PE Smart Urban Network can do this, and more

10 July 2018Scenario

Will 5G cover Wi-Fi up?

Some experts predict the rise of 5G will sentence Wi-Fi to death. However, the two technologies will probably coexist, serving different needs and use cases

AR Smart City: screenshot 5 July 2018Scenario

Smart Cities, new public-private partnership models

City government does not have to be the sole funder and operator of every urban application. Smart technologies open the door to new public-private partnerships, boosting City economy and generating additional revenue streams for municipalities

2 July 2018Scenario

Smart Lighting reduces night crimes up to 39%

NYC Crime Lab measured the impact of intelligent outdoor lighting on public safefy

St. Gallen 28 June 2018Articles

Smart Lighting in St. Gallen: media coverage

Selection of media articles about the innovative Smart Lighting project in St. Gallen, Switzerland

26 June 2018News

Any plan to go for Smart Streetlights? Don’t miss the opportunity to “WiFi” your poles

PE Smart Urban Network enables Cities to leverage their streetlight poles to create an IoT wireless infrastructure to control a number of applications

St. Gallen 19 June 2018Press Releases

Smart Lighting: dynamic LED street lights turn on in St. Gallen

The City of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has kicked-off a Smart Lighting project which is expected to save up to 65% of power thanks to Paradox Engineering and Osram Lighting technologies

14 June 2018Scenario

Rethinking waste management to boost local business

In a circular economy, waste is a resource and businesses can leverage smart technologies to create sustainable solutions for Cities

12 June 2018Scenario

Parking is the largest cost of driving

The average US driver pays more than $3,000 a year for parking, that is a third of the total cost of vehicle ownership

6 June 2018Scenario

Looking for alternative device positioning systems in IoT networks

Researchers from Tufts University announced a new system of device positioning in 5G networks, based on a self-localization algorithm

28 May 2018Scenario

Public lighting: energy waste blows costs up

In Italy, public lighting generates overall annual costs for about 1.7 billion Euro, but power consumption per capita is about twice the European average

22 May 2018Scenario

Smarter technologies for a more densely urbanized world

Other 2.5 billion people will move from rural to urban areas by 2050. As the world continues to urbanize, smart technologies and smart urban platforms will contribute to an efficient and effective management of vital services such as housing, transportation, energy distribution, education and healthcare

15 May 2018Scenario

Blockchain: Smart Dubai to sell its manual to other Smart Cities

Public authority Smart Dubai successfully completed blockchain assessment and is ready to sell its own manual to other Cities around the world

7 May 2018Scenario

Smart water meters to reduce water waste

Water-stressed countries are shifting from traditional to smart water meters to enhance the effectiveness of distribution networks while educating citizens to responsibly manage individual consumption levels

2 May 2018Scenario

The rise of smart, precision agriculture

Smart technologies are largely changing agriculture and crop production. IoT mesh radio communication networks enable near real-time sensing of soil and crop conditions to adapt farming strategies to the changing conditions of the field

AR Smart City: screenshot 18 April 2018News

Immerse into the IoT Smart City with our AR mobile app

Are you ready to experience a unique Augmented Reality immersion into IoT applications for Smart Cities? Download our mobile app and get started!

12 April 2018Articles

Smart Streetlight project: IoT network building at City scale

San Leandro is among the very first cities in the United States to deploy a citywide IoT network, which is based on our PE Smart Urban Network platform

10 April 2018Scenario

Blockchain as a key to security for Smart Cities

The more IoT sensors are deployed in Smart Cities, the greater security risks could be. Using blockchain and its secure, decentralized mechanism, Cities have the opportunity to bring connectivity to scale without compromising security in the process 

5 April 2018Scenario

An introduction to the Internet of Things

Everything you need to know about IoT in a simple, clear infographic

3 April 2018Scenario

5G technology and Smart Cities

As 5G antennas will spread in Smart Cities, new synergies between network planning and urban planning will be needed

27 March 2018Scenario

Industry 4.0: finding the perfect wireless frequency

Sub-GHz wireless sensor networks provide superior performance where reliable data transmission over long distance is expected, even in complex industrial infrastructures or under challenging weather conditions

23 March 2018News

Live from #Intertraffic Amsterdam – Day 4

From Chiasso to Pula, from Kolin to San Diego, today we are showcasing some of the Cities around the world which successfully implemented our Smart Parking solutions

22 March 2018News

Live from #Intertraffic Amsterdam – Day 3

How does an IoT Smart City look like? We’ll share Paradox Engineering’s vision at the “The IoT-Enabled City” roundtable – today at 2.30 pm, RAI Convention Center

PE Smart Urban Network 21 March 2018News

Live from #Intertraffic Amsterdam – Day 2

Today is really special at Tinynode, as we are offering Intertraffic Amsterdam visitors a great Augmented Reality experience: get started at Hall 2, booth 02.211!

20 March 2018News

Live from #Intertraffic Amsterdam – Day 1

Grand opening today at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018: if you are visiting the exhibition, meet Tinynode at Hall 2, booth 02.211 to have a live demonstration of our Smart Parking technologies and their benefits for Cities and drivers

15 March 2018Scenario

Smart Cities give back about 125 hours to each resident every year

By implementing IoT technologies to improve public infrastructure and services, Cities can offer people a significant saving on their personal time in four key areas: mobility, healthcare, public safety and productivity

13 March 2018Scenario

Low Power Wide Area networking technologies to connect Smart City sensing devices

LPWA technologies enable metering and streetlight monitoring applications, but they are also disrupting IoT solutions for Smart Cities

8 March 2018News

Lunchtime driving in San Francisco riskier than rush hour

Driving across San Francisco Bay Area is about 50% riskier during lunchtime. Smart Parking solutions contribute to reduce urban traffic up to 30%, with clear benefits even of drivers safety. Don’t miss Tinynode at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

PE Smart Lighting Node 2 March 2018Scenario

Design future proof enterprise IoT devices

When designing enterprise IoT devices, ensuring adequate performance and adhering to cost constrains is not enough

Vehicle detection systems 20 February 2018Press Releases

Smart Parking: Tinynode solutions contribute to reduce city traffic up to 30%

Tinynode brings to Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 the very best of its Smart Parking solutions and introduces new Parking Sensor Fusion technology. A unique Augmented Reality experience allows visitors to immerse into IoT applications for Smart Cities

Massagno 15 February 2018Scenario

Smart energy management for smarter Cities

Cities are at the heart of the climate change debate and need to better manage availale energy resources. Microgrids projects and locally driven energy schemes come under the spotlight

12 February 2018News

The enCOMPASS project now in its pilot phase

The enCOMPASS platform is being tested in Switzerland, Germany and Greece in private and public buildings

8 February 2018Articles

Summer in the City at Harvey Mudd College

Leveraging PE Smart Urban Network, a group of Harvey Mudd College students successfully developed a Smart Waste project for the City of San Leandro

5 February 2018Scenario

Smart railway stations for ‘living’ transport hubs

The Internet of Things and the implementation of advanced device and data management platforms could contribute to make stations more attractive, pleasant and efficient for passengers and consumers

1 February 2018Scenario

Utilities embrace data revolution

As the smart grid begins to live up to its full potential, utilities can transform from commodity providers into market makers that connect customers to a broad spectrum of services

30 January 2018Scenario

Blockchain and the IoT: benefits of combining these two mega trends

Together, blockchain and the IoT could lead to a verifiable, secure and permanent method of recording data processed by smart IoT machines

25 January 2018Scenario

Smart Cities to drive trillions in economic growth

Smart City technologies could secure an incremental economic growth of almost 3% and more than $20 trillion in additional economic benefits over the coming decade

22 January 2018Press Releases

The world’s smallest fidget spinner

A MinebeaMitsumi’s ball bearing with 1.5mm outer diameter was integrated in the world’s smallest fidget spinner and accredited by GUINESS WORLD RECORDS

Tinynode's vehicle detection systems 18 January 2018News

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018: what’s new about Tinynode

At Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, we will be showcasing the very best of Tinynode’s high-accuracy wireless vehicle detection solutions for Smart Parking

16 January 2018Scenario

Building a Smart City career

As Cities are becoming smarter and technology investments are set to reach $775 billion by 2021, new jobs and career opportunities arise for tech professionals

12 January 2018Scenario

5G and AI are heralds for the coming data age

While finished products get most of the attention at CES 2018, “ingredient technologies” such as 5G and artificial intelligence are the unsung heroes, setting the stage for exciting new devices and services in the years ahead

Smart Energy application 9 January 2018Scenario

Should the utility industry care about blockchain?

There are a number of pilot projects in the EU, leveraging blockchain technology for peer-to-peer trading, IoT appliance level control, and bitcoin enabled bill payment

Internet of Things 28 December 2017Scenario

IoT trends 2018

The Internet of Things appeared all over the news throughout 2017. Which trends should we watch out in the next twelve months?

20 December 2017Articles

Smart meters in Gambarogno, Switzerland

Swiss utility Società Elettrica Sopracenerina joined the enCOMPASS project and is working to implement a pilot project to save energy and favour sustainable behaviours

Wireless IoT 18 December 2017Scenario

Drones to tackle traffic and support emergency services in UK

UK is working to become a world leader in shaping the burgeoning drone technology and its applications in urban life. The Drone Bill will be published in Spring 2018

San Leandro 14 December 2017News

Video: Cleantech and smart investments in the City of San Leandro

Learn more about San Leandro smart experience from the City representatives’ voice

Vehicle detection systems 12 December 2017News

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018: time to plan your visit

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 will take place from March 20th to 23rd, providing a wide showcase of the latest solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s traffic challenges. If you are planning a visit, don’t miss Tinynode

6 December 2017Scenario

Introducing tokenomics

The Australian government has announced a USD 6 million grant for a blockchain-powered smart utilities project in the city of Fremantle

Smart Energy 4 December 2017Scenario

Cleaner energy: new binding targets in the EU

Lowering energy consumption and increasing the share of energy produced from renewable sources means cleaner environment and lower bills for EU citizens

30 November 2017Scenario

Guidelines for Smart Factories launched in Singapore

The Singapore Economic Development Board launched a diagnostic tool for companies to better understand the Industry 4.0, evaluate the current state of their facilities, and architect a comprehensive transformation roadmap

Gijón 27 November 2017News

Benefits of an M2M platform over 6LoWPan for Smart Cities

Paradox Engineering introduces its vision for smarter urban networks at the Cátedra Milla del Conocimiento Gijón Smart Cities, organized by the University of Oviedo and taking place on November 29th, 2017

Internet of Things 23 November 2017Scenario

Wireless interoperability fuels the Industrial Internet of Things

There are a lot of network communication protocols, but IP-based standards are the best option to ensure interoperability, scalability and future-proof investments

21 November 2017Scenario

Smart Dubai Office scoops major award for its blockchain initiative

Dubai is investing to become the world’s first city running on blockchain technology. The initiative was awarded at the Smart Cities Expo and World Congress in Barcelona

17 November 2017Scenario

Planning low emission zones for cleaner and healthier Cities

Urban air quality has become an international talking point and many local authorities are looking at the introduction of low emission zones as a possible solution for smarter Cities

University of California 15 November 2017Articles

Sustainable and livable Cities: two successful cases

Our CEO introduces Paradox Engineering’s vision for Smart Cities and discusses two successful cases: the City of San Leandro and the University of California in San Diego.

9 November 2017Scenario

Internet of Things in the 5G Era

For the IoT to become a reality, the existing patchwork of 3G and 4G that currently powers the internet needs a total overhaul. The connectivity demands of a smart world require a 5G framework

7 November 2017News

Ecomondo 2017: the City of San Leandro on stage

Pauline Cutter, Mayor of San Leandro, US, is joining Ecomondo 2017 to introduce how the City is achieving ambitious climate goals by investing in smart technologies

Smart Lighting 2 November 2017Scenario

Energy demand to plateau from 2030

Energy demand is expected flatten out and CO2 emissions to drop sharply, so the future energy system will require a smaller share of GDP

PE Smart Urban Network 31 October 2017Scenario

The Dos and Don’ts of building a Smart City

Leveraging available data to improve urban services is always to be recommended when designing a Smart City, and this is not surprising to us. 

26 October 2017News

When energy saving becomes a kids game

Within the enCOMPASS project, FUNERGY is the card game, integrated with a mobile app, designed to engage groups of kids in a fun way and introduce them to energy saving.

23 October 2017Scenario

Traffic jams: how much do they cost?

Inrix study reveals there were over 1.35 million traffic jams in the past year on UK’s major roads, costing drivers about £9 billion.

19 October 2017Articles

Cities and factories become smart

Since its foundation, Paradox Engineering has been pioneering outstanding technologies to enable what common sense holds to be paradoxical – as our company name suggests. 

17 October 2017Scenario

The Internet of Things and the evolution of jobs

The jobs market is mirroring the Internet of Things evolution and creating new career paths for graduates.

12 October 2017Articles

Smart Cities, is future knocking at the door?

Technology can enable the implementation of future proof Smart City models, where urban development is clearly aimed at social inclusion, resiliency, and sustainability.

9 October 2017Scenario

IoT: long-range backscatter systems to communicate without energy

At the University of Washington in Seattle, a team of wireless systems experts is developing a long-range backscatter chip to run on low power IoT devices and enable communications over long distances.

4 October 2017Articles

Smart Manufacturing: the great opportunity

Manufacturing companies collect and analyze less than 5% of their industrial data – but this information is critical to take evidence-based decisions and improve productivity and efficiency, also enhancing sustainability performance of key processes.

Wireless IoT 3 October 2017Scenario

Will drones revolutionize urban mobility?

Drones are having a transformative impact on how people live, do business and interact. But urban mobility won’t probably be their killing application.

29 September 2017Scenario

Being a Smart City is also a matter of reputation

Smart City are pushed to build an inclusive, resilient, and energy-efficient community, but also a solid and acknowledged reputation.

28 September 2017Articles

Live from #IAA2017: Smart urban networks for smarter Cities

Smart Cities need smart infrastructures to manage and control key urban services. Paradox Engineering’s interview at TG5 – Mediaset

22 September 2017News

Live from #IAA2017: smart platforms for automotive factories

Before leaving #IAA2017, we are delving into PE Smart Industrial Network, Paradox Engineering’s platform for the Industry 4.0 and smart automotive factories

20 September 2017News

Live from #IAA2017: Smart Buildings for Smarter Cities

At IAA, we are simulating a truly Smart Building to promote a newer and more effective approach to energy saving and sustainable behaviors.

18 September 2017News

Live from #IAA2017: the technology you won’t see

Visit us at MinebeaMitsumi to introduce PE IoT Stone, the hardware and software radio module which is embedded in Paradox Engineering’s revolutionary Smart City platform

14 September 2017News

Live from #IAA2017: Smart Parking (and Smarter Cities) in the spotlight

How can a Smart Parking solution contribute to reduce traffic congestion up to 30%? Paradox Engineering and Tinynode are answering this question at the International Automobil Fair, running in Frankfurt until September 24, 2017

11 September 2017Articles

Industrial IoT: services coming from the cloud

Leveraging industrial data and Internet of Things technologies, manufacturing companies can implement advanced services to improve products, process and innovation flows, also evolving relationships with customers and stakeholders. Paradox Engineering’s…

San Leandro 7 September 2017News

College students develop Smart Waste solution in San Leandro

Six college students spent their Summer in San Leandro, California, to join a scholarship program and develop a Smart Waste Monitoring solution based on PE Smart Urban Network

Vehicle detection systems 5 September 2017News

The best of Tinynode at IAA 2017

At MinebeaMitsumi booth, Tinynode is showcasing its high-accuracy vehicle detection systems for Smart Parking applications

1 September 2017News

MinebeaMitsumi goes IAA 2017

For the first time in its history, MinebeaMitsumi is attending the International Automobil Fair in Frankfurt, from September 14 to 24, 2017

San Leandro 17 August 2017Articles

San Leandro: water pollution control plant to go solar

The Californian Energy Commission gave San Leandro $2 million in grant funding to build a solar power system at the water pollution control plant. The city has been focusing on going…