1 August 2018

Blockchain: the next opportunity for better, safer, smarter Cities

Blockchain technology can make Cities far more secure, transparent, efficient and resilient. Our President and CEO writes about this
St. GallenArticles
28 June 2018

Smart Lighting in St. Gallen: media coverage

Selection of media articles about the innovative Smart Lighting project in St. Gallen, Switzerland
12 April 2018

Smart Streetlight project: IoT network building at City scale

San Leandro is among the very first cities in the United States to deploy a citywide IoT network, which is based on our PE Smart Urban Network platform
8 February 2018

Summer in the City at Harvey Mudd College

Leveraging PE Smart Urban Network, a group of Harvey Mudd College students successfully developed a Smart Waste project for the City of San Leandro
20 December 2017

Smart meters in Gambarogno, Switzerland

Swiss utility Società Elettrica Sopracenerina joined the enCOMPASS project and is working to implement a pilot project to save energy and favour sustainable behaviours
University of CaliforniaArticles
15 November 2017

Sustainable and livable Cities: two successful cases

Our CEO introduces Paradox Engineering's vision for Smart Cities and discusses two successful cases: the City of San Leandro and the University of California in San Diego.
19 October 2017

Cities and factories become smart

Since its foundation, Paradox Engineering has been pioneering outstanding technologies to enable what common sense holds to be paradoxical - as our company name suggests. 
12 October 2017

Smart Cities, is future knocking at the door?

Technology can enable the implementation of future proof Smart City models, where urban development is clearly aimed at social inclusion, resiliency, and sustainability.
4 October 2017

Smart Manufacturing: the great opportunity

Manufacturing companies collect and analyze less than 5% of their industrial data - but this information is critical to take evidence-based decisions and improve productivity and efficiency, also enhancing sustainability…
28 September 2017

Live from #IAA2017: Smart urban networks for smarter Cities

Smart Cities need smart infrastructures to manage and control key urban services. Paradox Engineering's interview at TG5 - Mediaset
11 September 2017

Industrial IoT: services coming from the cloud

Leveraging industrial data and Internet of Things technologies, manufacturing companies can implement advanced services to improve products, process and innovation flows, also evolving relationships with customers and stakeholders. Paradox Engineering's…
San LeandroArticles
17 August 2017

San Leandro: water pollution control plant to go solar

The Californian Energy Commission gave San Leandro $2 million in grant funding to build a solar power system at the water pollution control plant. The city has been focusing on going…
10 August 2017

Streetlights in Chiasso will drive urban drones

With 'Demain la Suisse', Lausanne newspaper 24Heures is telling about Swiss-made innovations in a number of fields, from agriculture to arts, from architecture to technology. Smart City Chiasso is under…
3 May 2017

Smart Lighting in the Internet of Things age

MinebeaMitsumi committed to an high efficiency LED Street Lighting project in Cambodia, entirely based on Paradox Engineering's wireless infrastructure
4 March 2017

L’illuminazione stradale si è evoluta

In Ticino, Switzerland, a number of Cities is investing in smart lighting technologies to cut energy consumption and improve quality of service
3 March 2017

Making Siracusa, Italy, a ‘smart’ City

Citelum and Paradox Engineering implemented a wireless network in Siracusa to support street lighting and other urban services
3 February 2017

Industrial light and magic

In light of the Internet of Things spirit, the City of Gijon implemented a promising Smart Lighting solutions
3 January 2017

Swiss utility to trial smart grid and smart city solutions

AEM and Paradox Engineering announce a strategic collaboration to develop innovative Smart Grid and Smart City technologies
19 December 2016

Smart Parking? Czech!

More on the Smart Parking project we've completed in Kolin, Czech Republic, on Parking News - magazine by British Parking Association.
14 November 2016

Smart Parking in Kolin, Czech Republic

We are partnering with the engineering company SPEL Inc. to design and implement next-generation solutions for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities. Ticino Management reports about the first achievement of this…
4 July 2016

Smart Bellinzona

The City of Bellinzona seized the innovative spirit of the Internet of Things and is evolving towards a Smart City model. Automazione Oggi describes its Smart Lighting infrastructure, now based…
4 June 2016

Smart Cities: OSRAM, Paradox Engineering and Minebea to turn lighting infrastructures into Smart Urban Networks

Among the articles reporting OSRAM, Paradox Engineering and Minebea agreement, read more about this partnership on Leds Magazine
24 May 2016

Smart Lighting

Our President and CEO contributes on 'Highways Magazine' describing key features and benefits of Smart Lighting infrastructures - and beyond.
4 May 2016

An intelligent eco-building

Energy efficiency in Smart Buildings starts from data collection and correlation. Fieldbus & Networks tells how PE.AMI was implemented in Singapore at ERI@N Institute, Nanyang Technological University
24 April 2016

Smart Lighting and beyond

Is Smart Lighting limited to Led technologies and remote control? No, if lighting infrastructures are conceived as backbones of Smart Urban Networks. Our President and CEO contributes on 'Electricity+Control'.
24 April 2016

The 30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies

The authoritative US magazine 'The Silicon Review' recognizes Paradox Engineering among the 30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies in 2016.
24 April 2016

Gijon evolving into a Smart City (in Spanish)

Work in progress in Gijón, Spain: more than 1,000 light points in the city center are being replaced with Led devices and connected to a PE.AMI network by Paradox Engineering to…
24 February 2016

Energi Midt and Paradox Engineering

EnergiMidt and Paradox Engineering sign partnership for innovative smart networks in Denmark
28 January 2016

Chiasso, a truly Smart City – more

More details about the Smart Lighting initiatives the Swiss City of Chiasso is implementing. How is PE.AMI supporting urban services such as public lighting, Wi-Fi and traffic videosurveillance? Read it…
20 November 2015

Chiasso, a truly Smart City

From Smart Lighting to a Smart Urban Network: the Swiss City of Chiasso is leveraging our PE.AMI platform to successfully manage street lighting and other urban services. Read more about…
22 July 2015

“Smart Cities? Much more than an app”

In a conversation with sustainability experts from the Italian agency Amapola, Julia Arneri Borghese explains Paradox Engineering's vision for Smart Cities and how municipalities can leverage Internet of Things technologies to…
8 June 2015

STMicroelectronics and Paradox Engineering at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2015

STMicroelectronics and Paradox Engineering successfully demonstrated wireless mesh network technologies for Smart Cities at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2015 (Tokyo, May 20-22, 2015). Read a selection of articles published on international media.
25 May 2015

Paradox Engineering and Tinynode are now part of the same ecosystem

Paradox Engineering and Tinynode SA, the business created in 2012 as a spin-off of Shockfish SA and specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems, are now part of the same group. Read…
6 February 2015

Denmark heads for the bright lights, smart city

In Copenhagen, the consortium DOLL (Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab) is demonstrating how street lighting can contribute to the creation of smart cities. As reported by LEDs Magazine, Thorn Lighting is among the companies…