16 September 2020

Open Cities: why interoperability and 6LoWPAN matter

Download our new white paper to learn more about interoperable technologies and open data models for cities
blockchain cybersecurityNews
4 March 2020

More open = less secure?

Open infrastructures can be as secure as traditional, legacy technologies
25 February 2020

Piloting blockchain for Smart Utilities

AEM is exploring blockchain technology to maximise data protection over its network
15 January 2020

Looking at Smart Cities from an Augmented Reality perspective

Our refreshed AR Smart City mobile app is now available for iOS and Android devices
12 December 2019

Smart Cities: why blockchain is changing the game

Blockchain allows Cities to grant the utmost cybersecurity and turn cost saving into revenue generation, boosting new economies
Smart City Expo World CongressNews
31 October 2019

Join us at Smart City Expo World Congress!

Barcelona is the perfect stage to introduce some great enhancements to our PE Smart Urban Network platform
24 September 2019

Openness and interoperability: download our report

Learn how openness represents the next key phase for Smart Cities, and how to achieve it
open roadNews
7 August 2019

The open road towards full interoperability

Why openness and interoperability are such important to Smart Cities? Join us on September 25th to learn more, webinar registration is now open
Smart City Expo World CongressNews
27 June 2019

Cities are made of dreams

At Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, experience a unique immersion into present and future Open Cities. Save the date!
18 March 2019

Smart Lighting, a new method to predict energy saving

Researchers from the University of Seville developed a new method for quantifying environmental and financial benefits
smart dynamic street lightingNews
18 December 2018

Smart, dynamic street lighting

Download our paper and watch our video to learn how PE Smart Urban Network changes the Smart Lighting game
4 December 2018

It’s time for smarter homes

There are about 1.5 million smart and sustainable homes globally. Contributing to the enCOMPASS project, we are actively developing innovative smart home devices to facilitate a more effective approach to energy saving
e-GIC BenalmadenaNews
20 November 2018

Protecting citizens’ digital rights

Privacy and data protection is a hot topic for most Smart Cities, and it will be widely discussed at e-GIC 2018 conference in Benalmadena, Spain
13 November 2018

Live from #SCEWC2018

Join Tridonic and Paradox Engineering at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona - and find out what 'smart' means for your City
Tinynode's vehicle detection systemsNews
27 August 2018

Easier parking search in less congested Cities

Don't underestimate the importance of mobility for the livability of your City. Our Tinynode solutions offer an innovative and cost-effective way to allow an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search
PE Smart Urban NetworkNews
2 August 2018

Device-to-Device and Device-To-Cloud, the future of the IoT Smart City

Is device-to-cloud enough to address the Smart City needs? Absolutely not. PE Smart Urban Network covers both device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication to enable multiple City services
12 July 2018

Smart City: an interoperable wireless mesh network or vertical silo apps ?

Supporting several Smart City applications on a single wireless infrastructure is not that simple. But our PE Smart Urban Network can do this, and more
26 June 2018

Any plan to go for Smart Streetlights? Don’t miss the opportunity to “WiFi” your poles

PE Smart Urban Network enables Cities to leverage their streetlight poles to create an IoT wireless infrastructure to control a number of applications
AR Smart City: screenshotNews
18 April 2018

Immerse into the IoT Smart City with our AR mobile app

Are you ready to experience a unique Augmented Reality immersion into IoT applications for Smart Cities? Download our mobile app and get started!
23 March 2018

Live from #Intertraffic Amsterdam – Day 4

From Chiasso to Pula, from Kolin to San Diego, today we are showcasing some of the Cities around the world which successfully implemented our Smart Parking solutions