N95 protective masksPress Releases
7 April 2020

MinebeaMitsumi donates 17,000 protective masks across Europe to fight Covid-19

17 European companies within MinebeaMitsumi Group give N95 protective masks to hospitals and care facilities
Press Releases
29 November 2019

Save energy with a limited individual effort

The enCOMPASS project comes to a successful ending
Press Releases
5 November 2019

Ultimate cybersecurity and new revenue streams: blockchain changes the game

New PE Smart Urban Network features and components to be launched at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019
PE Smart Urban Network NeptunePress Releases
30 January 2019

Smarter data and service management for truly Open Cities

New Neptune generation of our PE Smart Urban Network enables Open Cities by providing greater flexibility and interoperability
open uCIFIPress Releases
24 October 2018

Committed to open communication networks: we’re joining the uCIFI Alliance

We will contribute to the development of truly open, multi-supplier, interoperable, multi-transport wireless communication solutions for Smart Cities and utilities
St. GallenPress Releases
19 June 2018

Smart Lighting: dynamic LED street lights turn on in St. Gallen

The City of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has kicked-off a Smart Lighting project which is expected to save up to 65% of power thanks to Paradox Engineering and Osram Lighting technologies
Vehicle detection systemsPress Releases
20 February 2018

Smart Parking: Tinynode solutions contribute to reduce city traffic up to 30%

Tinynode brings to Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 the very best of its Smart Parking solutions and introduces new Parking Sensor Fusion technology. A unique Augmented Reality experience allows visitors to immerse into…
Press Releases
22 January 2018

The world’s smallest fidget spinner

A MinebeaMitsumi's ball bearing with 1.5mm outer diameter was integrated in the world's smallest fidget spinner and accredited by GUINESS WORLD RECORDS
wireless vehicle detectionPress Releases
12 June 2017

Smart Parking: Tinynode releases enhanced wireless systems for vehicle detection

Tinynode, Paradox Engineering's company specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems, introduced an enhanced version of its sensor technology offering superior performance, robustness and extended life-time. Thanks to substantial achievements in algorithm, hardware,…
PE Smart Urban NetworkPress Releases
8 May 2017

Smart Cities: Paradox Engineering presents revolutionary PE Smart Urban Network solution to manage multiple Internet of Things services

PE Smart Urban Network is the revolutionary and next generation connectivity platform and applications ecosystem for Smart Cities. Providing a unified, interoperable technology to manage both Wireless IoT and Wireless…
Press Releases
9 January 2017

Smart Grid and Smart City: Paradox Engineering to collaborate with AEM in Ticino, Switzerland

Azienda Elettrica di Massagno and Paradox Engineering will collaborate to the development of innovative technologies for managing power distribution networks and design new utility services. The agreement has been signed…
Press Releases
14 November 2016

Facilitate behavioral change to save energy: the enCOMPASS project kicks-off

Paradox Engineering is partner of enCOMPASS, the project funded by the EU Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. Through enCOMPASS, we'll contribute to create a highly innovative ICT platform to…
Press Releases
5 October 2016

SPEL and Paradox Engineering to collaborate for next-generation Smart Mobility and Smart City infrastructures

Czech engineering company SPEL Inc. and Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA are collaborating to design and implement next-generation solutions for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities, pooling respective competences and…
Press Releases
28 January 2016

EnergiMidt and Paradox Engineering sign partnership for innovative smart energy and urban networks in Denmark

Danish regional energy and fiber broadband provider EnergiMidt signed an agreement with Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA to develop innovative smart city networks and provide advanced services to the public sector and private business customers…
Press Releases
30 November 2015

Smart Lighting: Chiasso continues on its Smart City way

A new Led-based lighting system is now fully installed and operational in Via Dante Alighieri in the Swiss City of Chiasso, improving quality of street lighting service for citizens and businesses along the…
Press Releases
8 September 2015

Minebea acquires full capital and assets of Paradox Engineering

The Japanese corporation Minebea Co. Ltd., the world’s leading comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision components, acquires full capital and assets of the Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA. After joining Paradox…
Press Releases
20 May 2015

STMicroelectronics and Paradox Engineering present Smart City technologies at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2015

Ready for the Internet of Things age when everything is expected to be connected to the Internet, STMicroelectronics and Paradox Engineering will be demonstrating wireless mesh network technologies for Smart…
Press Releases
11 May 2015

Paradox Engineering and Tinynode are now part of the same ecosystem

Paradox Engineering and Tinynode SA, the business created in 2012 as a spin-off of Shockfish SA and specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems, are now part of the same group. This is…