Why working with us?

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging job experience, here are six good reasons to consider Paradox Engineering:

1. We’re in a business that makes sense.

The Internet of Things is changing the way Cities manage their own assets and resources, thus improving quality of public services and citizen satisfaction, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, optimizing costs and processes. Together, we can really play a role in the Smart City transformation.

2. We have deep roots.

We were born as a telecommunication company, and matured unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and data collection systems. You will build on our strong innovation capabilities and over 10 years of experience in networking and Internet of Things solutions for smart urban and industrial environments.

3. We think big and act global.

We are the innovation engine of MinebeaMitsumi Group, leading global provider of Electro Mechanics Solutions™ with an established manufacturing and business presence in all five continents. This means we work in a multinational and multicultural environment, with cross-functional teams and frequent opportunities to travel worldwide.

4. We learn, every day.

In a dynamic team like our, there’s always something new to learn. You will be in the first line on very innovative technological projects, sharing knowledge and expertise with high talented professionals. Your contribution will make things happen, taking the maximum out of any project and any task.

5. We never say “we can’t”.

We own our technologies, and 100% of their intellectual property – although we always advocate industry standards. If a technology, innovation or idea can bring value to customers, partners and to our team, there will be almost no constraint to pursue it.

6. We are heading to the future.

We work for today and for tomorrow – to win future challenges with cutting-the-edge technologies and solutions. We are part of an industrial group with more than 65 years of history, and a long-term strategy to ensure continuity and success to employees, customers and partners.

Open positions

We are always interested in exceptional talents to build a brilliant team, help shape the future of our company and provide customers a compelling portfolio of Internet of Things smart solutions.

If you want to employ your talent with us, have a look at our open positions and apply for the one that best fits your profile by writing to recruitment@pdxeng.chAll job opportunities are intended for Paradox Engineering’s offices in Novazzano (Ticino, Switzerland). We offer Swiss Labour contracts and remuneration in line with candidates’ experience.

Please read our Privacy & Cookie Policy before applying, and confirm your consent to personal data treatment when writing to recruitment@pdxeng.ch by adding the following text to your resumé/CV: “I herewith authorize the treatment of my personal data in accordance to GDPR 2016/679”. In absence of such declaration, it will not be possible to consider your application and your resumé/CV will be immediately erased along with any of your personal data.

Paradox Engineering shall collect and process applicants’ personal data for the purpose of recruitment procedures, which may also be carried out electronically. Personal data are only processed internally and only upon consent in your resumé/CV.

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Cybersecurity System Architect

– ref. “PE_CSSA_2019.01”

He / she will be responsible for leading efforts focused on secure product architecture, coding, design and implementation validation to assure adequate security levels on PE’s products and solutions. Starting from the current state and system architecture, he / she will contribute to advance the security policies, identify gaps and partner with development and quality assurance teams to define, implement and promote cybersecurity design principle, policies and culture, considering both specific products and solutions as a whole.

Main responsibilities

  • Determine security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements; researching information security standards; conducting system security and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments; studying architecture/platform; identifying integration issues
  • Help to identify customer requirements/concerns as of cybersecurity threats and needs and work with the R&D and product team to support the design of products/solutions meeting conjugating such requirements and company business strategies
  • Enhance experience and competence on security of development teams by planning delivery of solutions; answering technical and procedural questions for less experienced team members; teaching improved processes; mentoring team members
  • Review current system security measures and recommend and implement enhancements
  • Provide best practice recommendation to improve cloud network security
  • Perform periodic audit and penetration test against cyber-threats, developing metrics to evaluate the maturity level of PE products and solutions related to security
  • Cooperate with marketing and product management for appropriate and effective communication of features and solution implemented in PE products and solutions, supporting and delivering evangelization


  • University degree in Computer Science or Electronics Engineering or equivalent discipline
  • Proven experience in system and network architecture definition
  • Proven record of success designing and implementing in secure and standardized solutions as well as Identity & Access Management, Data Protection, Secure DevOps, Security Operations, and other security domains
  • Security tools such as intrusion detection, log analysis, and network scanning
  • Experience with threat modeling, secure design reviews, code review and other techniques and processes, regulatory compliance requirements, security frameworks such as BSIMM, NIST, ISO27001 and the secure software lifecycle (SSDLC)
  • Fundamental understanding of security knowledge around native applications, web applications, distributed and database systems
  • Understanding of security issues for large scale cloud and IoT infrastructures
  • Deep and broad understanding of security vulnerabilities and attacks (Hardware, Firmware, Software, Network, and People), and the ability to understand new ones based on new technology being developed
  • Understanding of Linux/Unix tools and architectures, DevOps tools and processes
  • Understanding of the “full stack” of front-end web user interfaces and web servers through to back-end processing and storage.
  • Knowledge in programming languages (C/C++, js, python, sql, others) with expertise in troubleshooting and debugging skills

Soft skills

  • Flexibility and ability to prioritise activities and efficiently manage time, meeting deadlines
  • Excellent problem solving approach, high level of commitment and ability to manage pressure
  • Ability to work cross-functionally in dynamic and international environments, and work effectively and independently with all levels of the organization and clients
  • Ability to conjugate the product with the process and the solution perspective
  • Effective communication skills and proficiency in English language (both written & oral, including technical documentation)
  • Fundamentally grasp both the technical and non-technical details such as to enumerate inappropriate or abusable security expectations

RF Hardware Design Engineer

– ref. “PE_RF HWEng_2020”

As part of the Hardware Team, he / she will follow the full product development lifecycle, from the specification phase to the design, testing, validation and certification, driven by applicable regulations.

Main responsibilities

  • Technical specification definition
  • Schematics design and PCB layout (including components selection, libraries creation, review of application and regulatory constraints)
  • Laboratory test planning and execution, support to the external labs for system certification
  • Returned material analysis to identify failure root causes and potential design/test improvements


  • University Master degree in Electronics Engineering, or equivalent discipline
  • 5+ years of proven working experience in relevant engineering environment
  • RF (Sub-GHz) and Mixed Signal Systems design, test and certification
  • Signal Integrity, Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility issues management
  • Antennas’ design, simulations and matching
  • Main Communication and Wireless Protocol Knowledge
  • Certification process support for wireless products (ETSI, FCC, ARIB)
  • Use of Altium Designer (schematic + PCB), PSpice, ANSYS HFSS and similar CAD Tools
  • Use of main laboratory electronic instrumentations required to test embedded, mixed signals, RF systems and antennas’ performance
  • Low power electronics design
  • Knowledge of firmware programming (C/C++)

Soft skills

  • Proficient in English
  • Teamwork oriented, proven problem-solving attitudes and ability to manage pressure
  • Flexible, able to prioritise activities and managing time efficiently, meeting deadlines
  • Ability to conjugate the product with the process and the solution perspective
  • Able to work cross-functionally in dynamic and international environments

Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

– ref. “PE_FWEng_2020.1”

He/she will be part of the embedded software design team, defining the design specification, coding and testing embedded SW for complex low power, RF IoT devices.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop low level software, protocol stacks and low power applications
  • Promote new technologies, proactively looking at innovative solutions


  • University degree in Computer Science or Electronics Engineering or equivalent discipline
  • Proven experience in architecture definition and software development in C/C++ for embedded applications
  • Knowledge of IoT technologies and application protocols for embedded systems – such as CoAP and MQTT
  • Good knowledge of microcontrollers, in particular Cortex-M microcontrollers and peripherals
  • Experience with radio networking protocols such as 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, TCP-IP, LPWAN, Bluetooth, NB-IoT
  • Good knowledge of low power design techniques
  • Fundamental understanding of security knowledge around embedded applications, network protocols and distributed systems
  • Experience in designing and implementing secure and standardized solutions as well as Identity & Access Management, Data Protection, Secure DevOps, HSM integration and control
  • Experience in secure design and code reviews
  • Experience in regulatory compliance requirements, secure software lifecycle (SSDLC) as plus
  • Experience in debugging and validating complex embedded systems and protocol stack
  • Ability to read schematics and debug at PCB level using typical lab equipment if needed
  • Knowledge and experience on software engineering methodologies: lifecycle, quality assurance and testing techniques, continuous integration and continuous deployment technologies, Agile scrum methodology
  • Knowledge of RF, secure, IoT platforms
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

Soft skills

  • Flexibility, ability to prioritise activities and efficiently manage time, meeting deadlines
  • Problem solving approach and ability to manage pressure
  • Able to work cross-functionally in dynamic and international environments
  • Effective communication in English (both written & oral – including technical documentation)

Software QA / Test Engineer

– ref. “PE_SQAEng_2020”

He / she will be in charge of defining, implementing and executing the best validation and testing strategy for complex FW and SW platforms, testing IoT platforms applications, networks and devices associated with PE IoT products. He / she will be part of the SW QA team supporting our teams of back-end & front-end developers as well as embedded software, firmware and network stack developers. He / she will develop test plans and test cases that run both real-world environments and scenarios, and simulated environments.

Main responsibilities

  • Work with engineers on early stage of development cycle to test requirements
  • Work with engineers/manufacturers to define the acceptance criteria of new features
  • Create, maintain and execute documentation of test cases
  • Identify risks of testing goals and escalating/planning accordingly
  • Monitor, manage and communicate with developers on defects
  • Actively cooperate with the engineering team for continuous improvement of software quality
  • Support test integration with Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline
  • Maintain and improve Software Quality Assurance (SQA) methodologies and frameworks, including supporting tools and platforms
  • Work in a growing team, directly involved in product management, development and support


  • University degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • Proven experience on automated test development and building automation test libraries
  • Solid understanding of test methodologies and iterative development
  • Knowledge and experience on software engineering methodologies: lifecycle, quality assurance, continuous integration and continuous deployment technologies, source control management, coding standards, code reviews, Agile methodology
  • Knowledge of IoT platforms, cloud infrastructures, networking, embedded applications
  • Proven experience with Load/Performance Tools, and API testing tools
  • Understanding of micro-services oriented architectures and their impact on testing strategies
  • Experience with compatibility/usability testing
  • Experience with Software Quality Assurance (SQA) tools and techniques, and bug tracking systems
  • Understanding of security knowledge around native applications, web applications, distributed and database systems as well as in embedded applications
  • Experience in violation of secure solutions as plus
  • Understanding of security as set of non-functional requirements and ability to design and execute appropriate test cases for security assessment of solutions up to penetration tests
  • Experience with cybersecurity standards in software and system applications

Soft skills

  • Proficient in English
  • Sense of ownership towards product quality
  • Flexible, able to prioritise activities and managing time efficiently, meeting deadlines
  • Excellent problem-solving approach, high level of commitment and ability to manage pressure
  • Able to work cross-functionally in dynamic and international environments and to work effectively and independently with all levels of the organization

Field Application Engineer

– ref. “PE_FAE_2019.2”

He / she will follow up on IoT Smart City project deployment and provide customer support, both from remote and on customers premises.

He / she will have a strong IT/Telecom/Networking design background to properly support our solutions based on intelligent IoT devices (ie. RF sensing devices, lighting controllers, routers and gateways, RF repeaters, etc.). He / she will also support technical sales and marketing activities.

Main responsibilities

  • Perform site surveys, network solution design, products installation and solution commissioning
  • Run demonstrations and trainings, as well as pilots and real installations
  • Manage customer’s support requests, either on field or remote, through the appropriate ticketing system, up to the complete incident resolution
  • Technically follow up with customers during and after solution deployments to ensure they full value from PE systems
  • In case of technical issues, support root cause analysis and fault resolutions, providing recommendations and workaround


  • University degree in Telecommunications Engineering or equivalent discipline
  • 3-5+ years of proven and relevant experience
  • Strong IT/Telecom/Networking technical background
  • Good knowledge of Linux shell and scripting languages (ie. Python, bash, ..)
  • Deep understanding of switches/routers configuration techniques
  • Basic usage of most common programming languages (C/C++, PHP, Java, ..)

Soft skills

  • Proficient in English
  • Customer focus to establish and maintain effective relationships with customers, gaining their respect and trust
  • Willing to travel across Europe, Asia and North America, spending weeks on those locations to manage local support requests or customer needs (up to a total of 50% on field support per year must be considered)
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills, both verbal and written with an understanding of cultural diversity