With a population of more than 30 thousand people and a notable historical heritage, the town of Kolin aimed at improving urban mobility by facilitating parking search and making a more efficient use of available parking facilities. Czech engineering company SPEL offered the community an integrated Smart Parking solution based on Tinynode technology.

About 60 parking spots in the historical city center have been equipped with Tinynode B4-L sensors to detect car occupancy. Designed to be set into the road surface, these products fit Kolin’s peculiar environmental conditions since granting a low impact on street furniture and high resistance to harsh weather conditions and mechanical constraints.

Connected into a wireless mesh network, B4-L sensors allow to collect data about parking spaces and elaborate them through an exclusive parking management software, which SPEL implemented for this specific project. SPEL also developed a web portal (available at www.smart4city.cz)

and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices to offer drivers the opportunity to check parking availability in real time, reserve a spot and – coming soon – pay parking services from the smartphone.

Thanks to this Smart Parking solution, Kolin’s municipality is improving driving and parking experience in town, thus making it more attractive to residents and visitors. Future developments might also be considered, as the platform is open to host other parking-related services, ie. collaborating with local businesses which want to offer spots to their own customers, and even host other urban services over the same network.