Azienda Elettrica di Massagno (AEM) and Paradox Engineering are working together to implement a Smart Grid covering the entire AEM basin in Ticino Canton, Switzerland. Leveraging Paradox Engineering’s network platform, smart meters will be installed to collect data from energy-consuming field devices (ie. hot water heaters, pumps, etc.) and send commands to enable remote control. The solution will improve the management of the power distribution network and enable the design of future utility services, with expected benefits even on energy prices for end users. 

The implementation of a Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT data transport network will also allow the smart extension of present services, as well as the development of new applications for parking management, traffic video surveillance, public Wi-Fi and many others, to be developed in close contact with local municipalities to accommodate people and businesses’ needs.

AEM has been serving Massagno and surroundings for more than 90 years, looking after the continuity and quality of power supply, as well as the development of the region and the well-being of its communities. Technological innovation is a strategic lever for AEM to remain ahead of competition and offer new services to improve quality of life and local economy”, stated Paolo Rossi, director at AEM SA.