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Parking is a common problem across the globe, and it affects not only car drivers but also Heavy-Good Vehicle (HGV) drivers: finding resting areas can be especially challenging for HGV drivers, who are required to periodically stop and rest. Most service areas on the highways tend to be overcrowded, forcing HGV drivers to park in unauthorized areas, raising safety issues.​ Logistics areas face similar problems, as HGVs need to have a clear pattern for manoeuvre, resting, loading & offloading operations. Coaches dedicated to tourists in urban areas also encounter problems when accessing dedicated parking bays for manoeuvre, tourists pick-up/drop-offs and resting areas for the drivers.

Smart technology can contribute to the improvement of rest areas for heavy vehicles and coaches along highways, urban areas and logistics areas. Our Smart Truck/Coach Parking solutions are able to locate and pin-point safe and secure rest areas to professional drivers, optimize the whole process of loading/offloading in dedicated parking bays, and support tourism by providing a better experience for coach drivers.

Smart Parking Sensors are installed in reserved lots and connected to Smart CMS or third-party applications to:​

  • Detect vehicle occupancy in reserved lots​
  • Send the information to a centralized management system that can share the information about parking availability in real time with drivers through variable message panels, dedicated mobile apps, or onboard truck infotainment systems.
  • Inform drivers of available spaces for better manoeuvre
  • Coordinate loading/offloading with optimized traffic management

Our Smart Parking Solution for HGVs and coaches:

  • Ensures proper usage of parking lots on the highway truck areas, as HGV drivers can plan their resting schedule based on parking areas availability​
  • Optimizes parking spaces for logistics, reducing waiting times and congestion in the logistics areas
  • Increases road safety by enabling HGV drivers to find parking in authorized areas, and within their resting schedule
  • Offers a better experience for tourist coach drivers who know in advance where to park, rest, pick up and drop off tourists
  • Helps decreasing CO2 emissions generated by trucks and coaches waiting to find a resting/manoeuvre area
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