Urban mobility and traffic are increasingly hot issues in contemporary urban areas, and independent studies proved that about 30% of overall road congestion is due to parking search. Smart Parking solutions allow Cities to improve drivers experience by reducing idle itineraries looking for a free spot, and related fuel consumption, air pollution, time waste and stress.

Tinynode is committed to contribute to a smarter, safer, 
easier and more comfortable driving world 
through advanced and effective wireless vehicle detection systems

Tinynode systems fit the needs of off-street and on-street car parking, indoor and outdoor facilities, multi-storey parks (ie. shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, etc.), time-limited parking lots, electric vehicles reserved areas and charging stations.

Since serving important highway operators, Tinynode has a significant expertise on heavy goods vehicles detection and offers specific products for trucks and coaches parking areas.

Parking operators can seamlessly integrate Tinynode solutions with mobile apps, variable message panels and traffic guidance systems to offer drivers additional services such as real-time parking availability information and directions, online booking and payment services, parking coupons and valet services for shops and local businesses, and more.

Being part of Paradox Engineering, Tinynode brings customers far beyond Smart Parking – offering an enhanced portfolio of Smart City solutions, with unparalleled products and services to manage any kind of urban service, from parking and mobility to street lighting, solid waste collection, and many more.

Tinynode technology enables a number of Smart Parking applications

As we strive to deliver top-quality products and innovative solutions, we partner with the best experts in parking-related technologies and applications.
For detailed information, please contact our main partnersFritzG2mobility – Schick ElectronicSPEL – Swarco