Competence Center

We are MinebeaMitsumi’s Cybersecurity Competence Center,
developing, implementing and supporting the security
strategy and guidelines for building a common cyberdefence across
all MinebeaMitsumi (MM) companies.

Our Cybersecurity Framework

The Cybersecurity Competence Center for MinebeaMitsumi Group delivers a full scale protection through a joint effort of two teams: Defense Team and Offensive Team.

The teams follow the approach and methodology defined by Paradox Engineering Cybersecurity Framework and based on available international standards and best practices.

The main benefit of using an established framework is the adoption of models and approaches which are based on common standards yet they can be tailored to the business needs. The framework has a risk-based approach, which means that the balance between business and security requirements is evaluated under the criteria of risk tolerance.

The Defense Team

Dedicated to the vigilant monitoring of security-related events, the Defense Team quickly identifies potential threats within the organizations: strongly focused on preventive action, it promptly alerts the relevant stakeholders of emerging security flaws, facilitating remediation.

Moreover, the team’s expertise rapidly and effectively turns to action when facing security incidents as it seamlessly transitions into the role of a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). Through meticulous analysis, it dissects the intricacies of security breaches, unraveling their origins to formulate effective mitigation strategies. The same team also provides SOC for smart cities.

In essence, the Defense Team serves as the first line of defense for the organization’s digital landscape, ensuring its resilience against evolving threats and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of crucial information.

The Offensive Team

The Offensive Team pushes the boundaries of organizations, armed with an intimate understanding of attackers’ strategies and techniques. 

In collaboration with the Defense Team, it orchestrates simulated attacks to assess the system’s robustness. Leveraging acquired skills and experience, it executes Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests (VA/PT), offering a comprehensive and mature view on the organization’s infrastructure strength.

The proactive approach uncovers potential vulnerabilities within the organization providing a pivotal advantage over threat actors.

Moreover, the team’s expertise comes to the forefront in the face of security incidents, as it adeptly employs advanced OSINT techniques to identify potential culprits.


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