About Paradox Engineering

Future proof Internet of Things smart solutions for urban and industrial environments

Established in 2005 in Switzerland, we are a technology company with a solid engineering DNA and strong competences in data collection systems, radio design and wireless sensor networks. Acknowledged innovator and leading player in the Internet of Things, we offer a compelling portfolio of platforms to enable any kind of Smart City and Industry 4.0 solution. 

Being part of MinebeaMitsumi Group, leading global provider of Electro Mechanics Solutions™, customers can trust a consolidated technological excellence, high quality large-scale manufacturing capabilities and a truly global market presence. 

Tinynode designs and offers high-accuracy wireless vehicle detection systems for Smart Parking. Thanks to our unique sensor technology granting over 99% radio communication availability, 98% detection accuracy and up to 10-year battery life, we provide City managers and parking operators with one of most effective and reliable solutions currently feasible on the market.
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Recent News

Smart Energy 24 April 2019Scenario

Smart Energy: utilities bring «time of use» tariffs forward

As energy generation and distribution get smarter, time of use tariffs spread globally

public safety 16 April 2019Scenario

IoT for enhanced public safety

Smart IoT-based urban applications for public safety are flourishing

digital twins 11 April 2019Scenario

Merging tokenization, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

New scientific report explores the “digital twins” concept, which refer to a digital replica of the physical world