Chiasso – Switzerland

Swiss municipality in Ticino canton, Chiasso counts about 8,5 thousand inhabitants. The City is strongly committed to sustainability and innovation, and was awarded with the «Energy City» label for its forward-looking energy efficiency policies. Together with AGE SA, the local utility managing water, electricity, gas distribution in the area, Chiasso is always looking for new ways to achieve higher green targets.

In 2013, the City started to invest on its street lighting infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, pilot future proof technologies and improve quality of service. The Smart Lighting project was kicked off by replacing existing lamps with LED devices and implementing our Smart Urban Network as advanced system for remote monitoring and control. The infrastructure now covers multiple areas of the City, including most of the town center, the ring road, some municipal buildings and sports facilities.

“Investments we have shouldered to improve street lighting are paying relevant benefits back to citizens and businesses, as well as to local government and AGE itself,” confirmed Corrado Noseda, director at AGE SA. “Thanks to LED transition and the possibility to calibrate each light point from remote, we measured a 70% cut of daily energy consumption in Via Dante Alighieri, a prominent arterial road in the town center, and similar results in the other areas. As for service quality, we can ensure every street, crossroad and crossover to be properly lighted, using the light intensity which is indeed needed. Management and maintenance costs have been reduced too.”

AGE and the City of Chiasso leveraged the Smart Urban Network to manage other urban applications, such as public WiFi in some city areas, traffic video surveillance along the ring road, and Smart Parking in a popular facility in the town center.
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