Phnom Penh City – Cambodia

In the Kingdom of Cambodia, MinebeaMitsumi committed to a high-efficiency LED streetlight project, working with Paradox Engineering. The project was selected for adoption in June 2015 as the first to be conducted in Cambodia under the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, using a Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). In February 2017 MinebeaMitsumi was awarded the Cambodian Environment Minister’s Prize for this installation.

More than 12,000 streetlights were replaced with LED luminaires and connected to a wireless network to allow remote monitoring and control, covering different locations including Phnom Penh City and Siem Reap City.

The projection is to reduce 559 tons of CO2 every year, this means 5,590 tons of CO2 in 10 years. About 55% of emissions saving is accountable to LED technologies, while an additional 15% to the wireless control system.

Positive results were also achieved in terms of grid safety. Each node now continuously monitors grid voltage variations, supporting the electricity supplier in designing and operating the grid according to visualized peaks and drops. This contributes to energy optimizations and minimizes the risk of blackouts.

Working for a smarter Cambodia, MinebeaMitsumi continues to support the wireless network platform and undertake the challenge of gradually integrating additional urban applications, providing the Group’s latest technology to contribute to sustainable development in the country.

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