Bellinzona – Switzerland

Bellinzona is the capital of Ticino canton, counting more than 18 thousand inhabitants. Its smart journey started in 2013 from the Smart Lighting: more than 1.500 mercury vapor lamps have been replaced with LED-based devices so far to reduce energy consumption and light pollution, achieve greater cost-savings and offer a greater quality of life to citizens.

Having implemented our Smart Urban Network as remote management and control platform, local energy utility AMB managed to better calibrate lighting intensity and reduce it by 50% in selected streets. Without impacting quality of services, this enabled the city to significantly cut energy consumption and spending.

Mauro Suà, General Manager at AMB, stated: “Progress in technology usually allows a three- to five-year viewpoint, but a wise city manager should consider benefits and costs in thirty or fifty years when settling an investment which could significantly impact urban development and growth. We cannot betray financial sustainability principles and citizen trust.”

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