- Enabling a fully networked IoT society

We are riding the Internet of Things as the natural evolution of the Internet. Thanks to a unique blend of competences, we design and engineer open, standard-based solutions to unleash opportunities for people and communities through digital information

The history of the Internet is about the evolution of a global system of interconnected objects, where millions of private, public, academic, business, and government organizations exchange information, services and other resources.

No matter the nature of these objects or the technology to access the network, the paradigm of the Internet continues over generations, connecting objects to generate and consume data. Our technologies enable a future where information becomes a tangible value for the benefit of all.

Probably nobody talked about the Internet of Things back in 2005 when Paradox Engineering was established. At that time, we realized there was a great value in any kind of data lying in urban or industrial objects, so we focused on technologies to collect, transport, store and deliver data, and conceived reliable wireless infrastructures to deliver on field actions.

We initially developed a one-stop-shop business model providing virtual networks to connect any industrial operation sites and enable remote and condition monitoring programs. Then we pushed the concept further by designing and engineering pioneer technologies to implement unique interoperable and highly scalable IPv6/6LoWPAN bidirectional network platforms for industrial and urban applications.

Today, we are a technology company specializing in Internet of Things solutions for Open Cities and other smart environments. By connecting objects and sensor-based equipment to an efficient, cybersecure wireless network, we enable them to be monitored and actioned from a central web-based software platform.

Customers and partners can take advantage of our proven blend of competences to develop end to end IoT solutions and industry specific developments, seamlessly integrate existing third party components, and kick off new information-driven business models.

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Leveraging our solid engineering DNA and deep technological know-how, we offer Internet of Things solutions for device and data management in Open Cities and other smart environments

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