- Professional support services

PE Support Services

Top competences and skilled professionals are needed to design, implement and manage Smart City applications and IoT solutions.

We offer a full range of professional support services for City and utility managers to:

  • leverage PE expertise to design and engineer the most effective smart IoT network to achieve their goals
  • have the best possible performance from installed networks and devices, smoothly manage troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • grow their technical skills taking advantage of PE professionals
  • have a single, trusted point of contact, letting PE experts interact with installers, system integrators, and maintenance operators
  • benefit from fixed-price fees and specific Service Level Agreements to receive priority assistance and support

Our Support Services include:

Professional Engineering Services & Solution Design – to create the most effective smart IoT network to achieve your city goals and meet your stakeholders’ expectations, including analysis of project requirements, definition of network infrastructure and connectivity layout, support in the design of the proper IT infrastructure and product configuration.

Project Management & Commissioning – to provide full support in managing tasks during all project phases, from planning through execution and commissioning to closing, only limited to our systems, subsystems and components.

Operation and Maintenance Remote Support – to enjoy prompt remote support and continued assistance on our products, 6LoWPAN network connectivity, and our Smart City applications, including access to software and firmware releases.

Software Maintenance Service – to maximize the value of Smart CMS by taking advantage of regular software upgrade and access to the latest software and firmware releases for installed devices.

Hardware Warranty Extension – to extend warranty benefits on our hardware systems up to 3 years in addition to the standard legal warranty period, covering the fixing or replacement of faulty hardware if the problem is due to the manufacturing process.

Class and Remote Training – to share knowledge and technical information about our technologies through in-person or remote sessions, including hands-on exercises on our smart products.

Custom Solution Integration – to provide customised professional engineering services, including on-site surveys to be delivered ad hoc.