- Professional support services

PE Support Services

Top competences and skilled professionals are needed to design, implement and manage Smart City applications and IoT solutions.

We offer a full range of professional support services for City and utility managers to:

  • leverage PE expertise to design and engineer the most effective smart IoT network to achieve their goals
  • have the best possible performance from installed networks and devices, smoothly manage troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • grow their technical skills taking advantage of PE professionals
  • have a single, trusted point of contact, letting PE experts interact with installers, system integrators, and maintenance operators
  • benefit from fixed-price fees and specific Service Level Agreements to receive priority assistance and support

PE Support Services include:

Professional Engineering Services and Solution Design – to create the most effective smart IoT network to meet City stakeholders’ expectations. Including analysis of project requirements, definition of the network infrastructure and connectivity layout, on-site surveys, support to design the proper IT infrastructure, product configuration

Operation and Maintenance Remote Support – to enjoy continued assistance and priority support on PE-MM products, 6LoWPAN network connectivity, Smart City applications, PE Smart CMS

Project Management & Commissioning – to leverage PE top skilled project management professionals and successfully drive any smart project

Hardware Warranty Extension – to have warranty benefits on PE hardware systems up to 3 years in addition to the standard legal warranty period

Software Maintenance – to benefit from regular PE Smart CMS upgrade and latest software and firmware releases for PE-MM devices

Class Training – to access high level classes for installation and maintenance teams, including technical knowledge sharing and hands-on exercises on PE Smart Urban Network and related PE-MM products

Advanced Customized Services – to turn any IoT project into a success story