- Other Smart applications

Supporting both Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT, our Smart Urban Network enables the remote management and control of any kind of urban service, also setting the ground to design future applications we might not even think of.

Our Smart Urban Network supports sensor-based environmental monitoring (ie. temperature and weather parameters, air quality, etc.) and Smart Building applications. It also allows utilities and multi-utility companies to cost-effectively manage gas, power and water distribution networks by connecting meters, thermostats, sensors, actuators, and other field devices to the same integrated wireless infrastructure.

Our Smart Urban Network allows Cities to offer data-hungry applications such as Pervasive WiFi, and allow residents and visitors to access communication services, online applications and contents, also covering news, events and infotainment services to make cities more attractive. By collaborating with shops and local businesses, it could also provide the possibility to design proximity marketing campaigns, thus contributing to grow urban economy.

Video surveillance, traffic control and emergency response support are other possible applications, as IP cameras, surveillance systems, earthquake sensors, and potentially unmanned vehicles can be integrated into Smart Urban Network to improve public security and fasten law enforcement intervention when needed.