Smart Waste, a key pillar for sustainable Open Cities

Every year the world generates over 2 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste. The World Bank estimates that by 2050 annual waste generation will increase by 70 percent—to 3.4 billion metric tons. This is particularly worrying for City managers, who need to ensure effective waste collection and treatment to preserve public health and overall livability.

Most Cities used to have a reactive approach in dealing with waste management, thus investing only in light of emergency situations, or when pushed by regulatory compliance issues. Today they are turning proactive and looking at Smart Waste not as an expenditure item, but as an opportunity to improve quality of urban life.

Our flagship platform PE Smart Urban Network is being extended to include a ready-to-use Smart Waste application for City and utility managers to enhance municipal solid waste collection. Ad hoc designed smart sensors will enable data collection from connected dustbins, making them available on the integrated PE Smart CMS to monitor field devices and feed evidence-based decisions.

Thanks to our solution, it becomes possible to optimize waste truck routes upon parameters like bin status, filling levels, etc. This increases service quality and efficiency, and generates further savings on fuel expenses and overall maintenance costs. Moreover, garbage-related data could also feed customized applications and be monetized: think for instance of the possibility of accurately tracking waste input and introducing discounted fees to reward recycling and correct waste separation.

Want to learn more about our Smart Waste technology? Don’t miss these two online events:

Wednesday, November 18th at 4:30pm CET – “Smart Waste, a key pillar for sustainable Open Cities
Gianni Minetti, CEO at Paradox Engineering, will unveil our new solution at Smart City Live 2020 (digital spin-off of Smart City Expo World Congress). Register for free at this link

Thursday, November 19th at 4pm CET – “Smart Waste, how Cities can benefit from future-proof IoT systems
Gianni Minetti will dialogue with Antoine Kassis, co-Founder & CEO at Kurrant, about benefits and challenges of IoT technologies for smart waste management. The virtual roundtable is organized together with Smart Cities World, free registration at this link for City, government, and utility delegates only.

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