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Cities and utilities are an increasingly interesting target for cybercrime. In the cyber space there are money-oriented attackers, hacktivists using hacking as a form of civil disobedience to promote political or social causes, espionage experts, and cyber warriors carrying out digital assaults to attack public services and resources.

A cyberattack could potentially disrupt essential critical services, expose personal and financial data, and disable the economy of a city. Not a reassuring perspective for a Smart City!

However, unless we fully give up on innovation and digital transformation, we must acknowledge cybersecurity risks. Being 100 per cent cybersecure is an impossible goal – but we can succeed in becoming 100 per cent cybersecurity aware and ready to anticipate, mitigate and remove vulnerabilities and risks to the largest possible extent.

At Paradox Engineering, we look at cybersecurity as a combination of:

Technology – we endorse open, standard-based Internet of Things technologies and matured a security-by-design approach, which means having security built into our solutions from their very inception. In our experience, security can’t be added at the final stage of development or demanded just as reaction after delivery. We think about infrastructure and application protection from the beginning and provide Cities with intrinsically secure network systems;

People – as 90% of security breaches come out of human inadvertent errors, we promote and deliver cyber-awareness programs to educate people, share best practices and how to behave in case of in case of anomalous events. People are the first line of defense to cyber threats;

Processes – security must be managed as a cyclic process that starts from understanding the assets and the associated risks, applying measures to reduce vulnerabilities, prevent the know threats, early detect and respond to unknown threats.

Discover our new Cyber Security Services

We are MinebeaMitsumi’s Centre of competence for cybersecurity for smart IoT environments

We have a dedicated team with proven expertise and innovative tools to effectively monitor, support and respond to cyber threats and incidents

We provide a framework of services to support cities and utilities in improving the cybersecurity levels of their IoT networks, devices, and applications

We partner with other SOCs or Computer Emergency Response Teams to create a wider cybersecurity collaboration network

Our Cyber Security Services include:

Awareness – we spread cybersecurity knowledge and increase your organization’s preparedness with educational programs, trainings and customized campaigns

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests – we help identify your weaknesses before hostile parties discover them. We test IoT networks, systems and applications and make recommendations to prevent attacks

Monitoring – we watch the status of your operating infrastructure, send immediate alerts in case of abnormalities or suspicious behaviors, detect and quickly tackle possible vulnerabilities

Response – our Security Operations Center (SOC) supports you in effectively reacting to cyber attacks, mitigating their impact, and recovering normal operations as quickly as possible

Policies and Guidelines – we support the definition of cybersecurity policies, share best practices and guidelines to mitigate potential risk scenario