Committed to open communication networks: we’re joining the uCIFI Alliance

MinebeaMitsumi Group and Paradox Engineering join the uCIFI Alliance to contribute to the development of truly open, multi-supplier, interoperable, multi-transport wireless communication solutions for the Smart City and smart utility markets.

Launched in June 2018, the uCIFI Alliance aims at developing a unified data model across multiple existing networking technologies, including LoRa, NB-IoT and an Open-Source long-range mesh. With MinebeaMitsumi and Paradox Engineering, it extends its reach and gets a unique expertise in this field.

“Open standards and interoperability have always been part of Paradox Engineering’s technology vision and approach to Smart Cities and Internet of Things”, said Gianni Minetti, President & CEO at Paradox Engineering. “We believe that a unified data model for open wireless networks will drastically simplify multi-supplier solutions and unlock Smart City and IoT projects for the good of citizens, communities and industries. uCIFI is a real opportunity to boost a future of massive adoption and on-boarding of actors that can benefit from a connected world. We are glad to be part of uCIFI and contribute to this mission”.

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