The open road towards full interoperability

Forget science fiction megalopolis, isolated hi-tech buildings, cyborg-resembling people: the Smart City of the future will be defined by quieter upgrades to existing systems, new partnerships and services that focus on solving urban problems and improving quality of life.

As confirmed by recent research by UCL and the British Council, Cities have understood that people should always come first, so communities and universities should be involved, alongside businesses and local authorities, in urban planning and development. Enhance poor quality housing, safeguard local resources and mitigate climate change effects are some of the most challenging issues, together with public safety and healthcare services.

Technology can play an important and often decisive role in tackling these problems, but deploying futuristic systems might not be the best possible choice. The way to go is more likely to consider the consolidation of current City infrastructure, its gradual extension and the step-by-step integration of any necessary service or application.

As Smart Cities are actually a journey, they must make decisions over which technologies to use and which vendors to work with: the route they take could have serious implications in terms of what they achieve further down the line. That’s why interoperability is being increasingly sought to unlock Cities’ real innovation potential, create virtuous ecosystems and build inclusive, safer and more sustainable urban communities.

But how should an interoperable infrastructure look like? Join Paradox Engineering and SmartCitiesWorld on September 25th, 2019 to discuss the importance of openness in Smart Cities. Our CEO Gianni Minetti will highlight key benefits of having an interoperable and scalable network infrastructure and an open management platform at its core, while Bruno Opazo Ruiz from CORFO, the Chilean economic development agency, will explain how Chile is leading the way with an open, interoperable approach.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 4pm (CET), 3pm (UK), 10am (EDT), 7am (PDT): don’t miss the opportunity, register today!

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