Improve weather predictions through Smart Lighting data

Japan Weather Association (JWA) and our parent company MinebeaMitsumi are working together to improve the accuracy of weather predictions by leveraging Smart Lighting data.

Since its establishment in 1950, JWA has been conducting investigation, analysis and information provision related to weather, environment, disaster prevention, etc. With climate drastically impacted by global warming, extreme weather events, and sustainability issues, JWA is looking at enhancing it highly precise weather predictions technology by integrating other data sources, including information generated by smart streetlights.

Based on Paradox Engineering’s technology, MinebeaMitsumi’s Smart Lighting platform enables the remote monitoring and control of lighting networks, but also real-time collection of environmental data such as temperature or illuminance through embedded sensors.

JWA and MinebeaMitsumi are running a demonstration experiment dealing with solar radiation and photovoltaic output forecasting from September 2020 to March 2021. In this experiment, data coming from Smart Lighting devices and environment sensors will be analyzed and correlated to verify the possibility of improving the accuracy of solar radiation and weather predictions.

MinebeaMitsumi and JWA have been studying how to use environmental sensors as IoT small weather sensors. Using a development stage prototype, field observations and long-term tests confirmed that good results can be obtained.

Read more about the demonstration experiment to improve weather predictions on MinebeaMitsumi’s website

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