PE Smart Urban Network is a performing and reliable Smart Lighting solution: it allows to control light points and save up to 70% of power and greenhouse emissions by adjusting brightness according to daily solar times, ambient light levels, human or vehicle presence.

With PE Smart Urban Network, City operators and managers can define customized lighting patterns for single districts, streets and even single lamps. Streetlights can be turned on/off and dimmed according to programmed schedules (ie. setting a default combination for working and festive days, for residential and industrial areas, etc.), changing them whenever necessary to mirror specific local circumstances or events.

PE Smart Nodes interfacing luminaires may also be integrated with additional connected motion sensors, vehicle counters, tilt sensors and other devices, triggering condition-based dynamic lighting. This is particularly useful in low-traffic areas, where lights may be further dimmed when no vehicle or pedestrian is passing by.

On demand variations may be performed in real time, for instance if emergencies or public security issues require intense lighting in a certain area. The platform allows an accurate monitoring of the status of light points, calling for specific maintenance actions in case of failures, as well as power consumption, with the possibility to elaborate weekly, monthly or annual reports.

PE Smart Urban Network can improve outdoor lighting in Cities, public parks and gardens, large parking facilities, shopping malls, airports and train stations, industrial estates, public or private built up areas. It can be implemented in small- as well as in large-scale projects, as it grants best performance and significant savings with a limited number of nodes, but also with hundreds of thousands of light points.

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