Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, we were born as a telecommunication company, serving the niche but very interesting market of industrial data transportation. We initially developed a one-stop-shop business model providing virtual networks to connect any customer industrial operation site and enable remote and condition monitoring programs. Then we pushed the concept further by designing and engineering pioneer technologies to implement unique interoperable and highly scalable network infrastructures for industrial and urban applications.

As a matter of fact, we came to offer an integrated portfolio of future proof solutions to unlock the value of data of smart industrial and urban networks in the Internet of Things age. Unique competences in data collection systems, radio design and wireless sensor networks are at the heart of our smart excellence.

Since 2015 we are part of the Japanese Group MinebeaMitsumi, leading global provider of Electro Mechanics Solutions™ with a notable history and track record of technology excellence. Thanks to our vision and innovation capabilities, the Group is accelerating its success in the Internet of Things market and developing cutting edge technologies for Smart Lighting, Smart Cities and any other smart environment.

Being a MinebeaMitsumi company, we can leverage the Group’s technological, manufacturing and commercial assets, at the same working with a consolidated network of highly skilled partners. Our ecosystem includes Tinynode, Swiss company specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems and Smart Parking technologies.

Our solutions portfolio

Leveraging our deep technological know-how, we offer Internet of Things platforms to unlock the value of our customers’ data: our solutions enable Cities and companies to collect, transport, store and deliver any kind of data lying in urban objects or industrial plants, transforming information into actionable intelligence to feed business decisions.

Smart City